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This is a space for anyone looking for support, tips on helping your baby sleep or just for a chat with fellow wide-awakers to get you through the night feeds. Sponsored by MAM.

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LovelyNanny26 · 05/07/2023 00:41

My baby was born on Sunday and she hasn't stopped breastfeeding since then.She's constantly eating!!No sleep for me.Will this change m.

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Bluesheeps · 05/07/2023 00:45

First week is tough….she has to establish the flow so yes will be little and often!
it will change! Do you have any local breast feeding support services?

LovelyNanny26 · 05/07/2023 01:05

I believe so.She's currently sucking me dry!!I can't even put her

OP posts:
Bluesheeps · 05/07/2023 01:14

Try and enjoy it (easier said than done I know!)
she also just wants to be close to you! A game changer for me was when I found I could lie on my side and just leave her next to me, but not sure I did that so young.
I know you’re desperately tired but don’t worry, you’ll soon establish a routine

Janefx40 · 05/07/2023 01:25

Those early days are hard. Your milk supply is still being established and by continually drinking ie removing milk from your breasts, your baby js telling your body how much milk she needs you to produce. Basically the more she sucks at this stage, the more your body will produce - it can take a few days for your body to respond.

It's more than normal, it's healthy. But it can also be hard.

It's important to check how your baby is latched on. Breastfeeding can be tricky and it matters how the baby is attached to you. If well attached she will remove milk more efficiently and your breasts will get the right messages about production. It will also be less sore. It can take time tho.

It will calm down and your boobs will stop hurting. You will also find your methods for getting sleep! Typically after the first few days, newborns sleep a lot for a couple of weeks so you will be able to catch up a bit!

Best of luck. Am only a few weeks ahead of you. Currently up feeding my 7 week old but he is my second!


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