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Breastfed baby wakes every 30mins for milk

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Mumma1799 · 03/07/2023 23:23

My 4 month old is exclusively breast fed & up until this this past week she’s been a dream at night only waking twice in the night. She’s now waking every 30 minutes & taking ages to resettle to the point I’ve ended up co sleeping because she’s just not settling in her Moses basket (I have researched safe co sleeping) we have a really good bedtime routine of bath, feed, bed & she will stay asleep for around 3/4 hours when I first put her down but then when she wakes up, she just won’t settle. I end up feeding her every time she wakes so I’m not sure if she’s just hungry but my breasts are so sore and just feel empty.
Any advice?? I think I’m going to have to wean onto formula at nighttime just to fill her up. Im exhausted so I’m open to any suggestions. Thank you

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Leolady11 · 04/07/2023 00:10

I can sympathise! My EBF baby slept amazingly up until 3-4 months and then everything changed! She would never settle after that 1st wake up & then we had multiple feeds all through the night. She is 10 months now & still wakes 3 times per night but it varies. I know it's exhausting but it does get easier. 4 months is notoriously tricky, there is a huge developmental leap which interferes massively with sleep. Sleep is developmental & there are lots of reasons they wake frequently other than hunger so formula may not make a difference to the frequency of wake ups, but of course it may ease the burden in other ways if thats what you want/need. Their little brains are processing new experiences from the day, separation anxiety could be setting in, teething, illness, or maybe she just wants to be close to you & feel connected. I think what you have described is very normal behaviour and you're not alone. Hang in there, you're doing a great job.

IHateLegDay · 04/07/2023 00:19

Download the wonder weeks app.
It explains babies regressions and leaps. It sounds like your baby is in the 4 month sleep regression xx

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