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Baby has woken up crying for 45 minutes

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TurtleSwim · 03/07/2023 22:41

Help me run through the list:
DC is 11 months and has woken up screaming which seems to happen from time to time. However today it's been going on for 45 minutes.
Nappy has been changed
Offered breastfeed and water
Potentially overtiredness from earlier in the day - singing, rocking and stroking calmly, also tried massage. Nothing working yet.
Teething - tried a teething toy and ice, next step might be paracetamol but our teething gel is off the cards because DC can't catch their breath at the moment
Illness - temperature is fine, no other signs of illness other than seemed tired all evening after their last nap as it was cut short due to the school run.

Any ideas on how to calm DC. Tried everything we can think of so far.

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LadyGreySpillsTheTea · 03/07/2023 22:50

If the area where you live is safe enough at night, I’d just pop them in a pram and take them for a walk in the fresh air. That’s usually enough to get an overtired baby off to sleep.

Shoemadlady · 03/07/2023 22:50

Is baby constipated? Did baby eat much today? Could it be hunger?
I'd give a dose of calpol as it could be teeth / tummy ache etc
Have they recently had any injections?

Shoemadlady · 03/07/2023 22:51

What about wind? Could baby have bad wind as that can be really painful. Do you have some gripe water you can give x

CheekyHusky · 03/07/2023 22:57

I would give calpol at this point. GP advised 1 hour of inconsolable crying is the point to seek medical attention.

TurtleSwim · 03/07/2023 23:15

No recent injections.

Seemed to eat enough and was content but still feeds a lot at night anyway.

There's been lots of wind but don't know how much of that is to do with the crying because there's been sick from crying/hyperventilating.

I keep managing to get DC to sleep by bf'ing then all of a sudden DC starts wailing. It makes me think teeth but refused the ice. DC is also irritated by the sobbing spasms so could be the reason DC can't settle too.

OP posts:
TurtleSwim · 03/07/2023 23:16

Also we did give the Calpol just after I posted so it's been about half an hour now.

OP posts:
BrutusMcDogface · 03/07/2023 23:16

I second taking them out in the pram or even the car. If they don’t settle soon, though, maybe 111?

TurtleSwim · 04/07/2023 00:19

The issue is DC is now settling but it's now the transfer so DC can sleep until the next feed at 4am. DC either wakes up straight away or notices after a while, even though I'm still cuddled up right beside.

I suspect I'll have to hold DC for a few hours then either try to do it then or swap with DH who's woken DC up snoring once already. We're both extremely tired so I don't know how it'll go!

OP posts:
TurtleSwim · 04/07/2023 16:38

I feel awful today, took DC to the GP who has now put DC on antibiotics. He said it was very clearly an infection Sad

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