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Advice please - saline drops

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ChristmasJumpers · 22/06/2023 00:41

Sat awake currently as my baby girl has her first cold (lovingly passed on by yours truly). She is really struggling, she is asleep but having bouts of thrashing about trying to breathe in through her very stuffy nose.
I used saline drops earlier while she was awake but I'm not sure how much difference they made. Now I'm reading online that I should have used a snot sucker afterwards!! I just used the drops 😞
Should I try again with more drops and the sucker and risk waking her up? Or let her sleep although she is having a bit of trouble. DH says leave her and he's now asleep. I cannot sleep for fear she'll struggle too much to breathe.

I won't be sleeping tonight either way as my brain is telling me I must listen to her breathing all night πŸ™„

Shes 3 months old

OP posts:
Mummaluma · 22/06/2023 07:01

This might not be the right place to have posted (other boards are much higher traffic). I would use the spray and snot sucker next time she wakes up. If she was a fair bit older, it would be worth knowing that calpol helps dry up colds, as does antihistamine (the latter is for much older, though!). Wouldn't use either ok a 3 month old though!

It's tough having a tiny one- good luck!

Gabby10 · 22/06/2023 07:18

Oh bless you I can remember DD having a cold around the same age and I ended up propping us both up on the bed and laying with her as she just couldn't settle laid down. I tried the saline drops and they didn't seem to do anything but I'll be honest I didn't know to do the snot sucker after (although every one I've had was also too big for her nose). I tried all the old wives tales of vic on feet (well on her socks) and also an onion in a bowl of water on the windowsill- not actually sure if any of it worked if it the cold just got better tbh. At 3 months if she's got a temp you can give her calpol but the only thing I really found that worked was having her not laid down to sleep (nightmare for you I know!) x

ChristmasJumpers · 22/06/2023 10:09

Thanks both, I wasn't sure where to put my post but we've survivors the night. She did actually sleep the whole night but I was terrified she'd not manage to clear her nose if it got blocked up too badly. DH absolutely refused to allow me to put her next to me cot on an incline because the lullaby trust says no πŸ™„

OP posts:
Mummaluma · 22/06/2023 16:10

Just remember that this too shall pass. I remember being terrified with a newborn who had colds etc (mine was 6 months when covid started). The noise is horrendous.

You are doing a good job and this too shall pass!

Mummaluma · 22/06/2023 16:11

PS go for the snot suckers that require you to suck, rather than the bulbs. The former are much better!

ChristmasJumpers · 22/06/2023 21:42

@Mummaluma the one we have is a bulb and it is less than useless! DH has resorted to manually sucking it out 🀒

OP posts:
Mummaluma · 23/06/2023 08:11

Been a long while since we needed it but the Snufflebaby one works well.

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