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Looking for a handhold

9 replies

JJ456 · 01/04/2023 23:59

Today I went to sit on a chair and… totally missed the chair. Landed hard on my arse. I’m 18 weeks pregnant.

I rang the midwife triage and they said they’ll try to send a community midwife to my house tomorrow. I’m not sure what they’ll do when they get here.

I can’t do anything at all (except cry) because I can’t stop thinking about losing this baby. I don’t know how I’ll cope. It took over a year of fertility treatment stuff to get here.

I hope to find out more tomorrow - really hope the Mw does come and can reassure me. Just wishing I wasn’t feeling this way. I don’t feel comfortable telling my friends, a part of me is worried they’ll see it as my fault.

OP posts:

SarahScone · 02/04/2023 08:44

Didn't want to read and run.
I have never been pregnant (currently going through IVF), but i really don't think you will have harmed your baby.
Your baby is all protected inside your womb with loads of thick cushioning and it's possible they wouldn't have even felt the jolt.
I can only imagine the terror, I know the feeling of desperation to be pregnant! But please try and be calm. It's almost certainly fine.
Have you any symptoms to suggest it may have affected the baby??


JJ456 · 02/04/2023 09:18

Thanks @SarahScone. I haven’t had any symptoms no. I logically know there is a lot of protection for baby, just hard to wait to find out if she is ok.

OP posts:

PointyMcguire · 02/04/2023 09:50

Oh @JJ456 so sorry you’re worried. If it makes you feel better I had a nasty fall at around 34 weeks chasing after a very excited greyhound that our builders had accidentally let out 🙈 She’s now 3 months old and merrily babbling in front of me. Like others have said your baby is very well protected in then. Hopefully the midwife will help allay your fears.


sweatynoob · 02/04/2023 09:52

You’re very unlikely to have done any damage. Not nice to think of but lots of women go through dv and are constantly hit or knocked down and still have successful pregnancies.


Vicliz24 · 02/04/2023 10:00

If it helps I was knocked off my bicycle when I was 16 weeks pregnant. Not a high speed impact but enough to throw me into the air and I landed flat on my front. I was obviously terrified but after being taken to hospital with severe bruising two broken fingers and a cracked jaw I was miraculously fine . The doctor at the hospital said babies are much more safe than you think they are . I was on pins for at least a couple of weeks but my son is a fit healthy 30 year old .


JJ456 · 02/04/2023 11:48

Really appreciate the reassurance. Know I might be overreacting as it wasn’t as bad as the bike incident! But can’t help thinking the worst. I will update when I have seen MW this afternoon.

OP posts:

whojamaflip · 02/04/2023 13:47

I fell down the stairs when 22 weeks oh with my youngest. I was also carrying my 18mth old at the time, stepped on a jar of buttons my eldest had left half way down - both feet straight up in the air and instinctively twisted in the air to avoid banging ds's head on the wall.

Landed on the stairs, knocked all the wind out of me and honestly thought I'd broken my back. Ended up with dh calling and ambulance and was taken in on a back board absolutely petrified.

Youngest is now nearly 14 and is a typical maddening teenage girl.

Try not to worry - babies are very protected in the womb.


JJ456 · 02/04/2023 15:55

Hi all - lovely midwife saw me this afternoon and was so reassuring. Picked up heartbeat and plenty of movement on Doppler so feeling much calmer now!! be careful out there 😬

OP posts:

SarahScone · 02/04/2023 20:05

Oh good @JJ456 thank you for letting us know. I'm pleased your mind is now at rest!

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