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amanda redman prog on Bbc2

8 replies

codswallop · 20/10/2004 07:32

how interstimg that was - but she really needs to give up smoking!
thought her mum was fab and Liked it that her raltive in Liverpool looked so much like her!

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JoolsToo · 20/10/2004 08:43

its a good series that one - had the same thoughts about her smoking -- but then I don't so I'm not very tolerant of it - soz

what about that old geezer she went to meet - wouldn't fancy him driving me anywhere!


codswallop · 20/10/2004 12:02

I htought her skin looked knakcered form it!
yes I loved the whole porgramme.

OP posts:

popsycal · 20/10/2004 12:03

really interesting
so was the one about bill oddie last week


Gingerbear · 20/10/2004 12:06

looking forward to the rest of the series, and would love to research my own family tree.

Bet Moira Stewart and Meera Syal are interesting.


JoolsToo · 20/10/2004 12:10

Coddy - I agree she's 46! my skins in better nick than that and I've got a few years on her!!


codswallop · 20/10/2004 12:18

yes dad has a n illegitimate brother somewhere.

OP posts:

Marina · 20/10/2004 12:42

I enjoyed this too - apparently Wife Swap on the other side was also excellent but glad I saw this prog. I really loved it too that Karen from Liverpool was so obviously related to her!
I've always liked Amanda Redman.
Felt desperately sad for Uncle Cyril though, what a messed-up life he had. He really haunted the programme I felt. Looking forward to the others as well.


OxyMoron · 20/10/2004 13:20

I've found this series really interesting so far, but what's struck me about the first two programs was the amount of sadness tied up in their family histories. Will be interesting to see if the others have happier tales.

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