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Early Doors

5 replies

Tinker · 18/10/2004 23:17

Ken and Tania together? Tick tock it was the last one

OP posts:

taramac · 18/10/2004 23:18

was it the last one ever?


Tinker · 18/10/2004 23:20

For this series. But they sort of paved the way for another series. Love it

OP posts:

taramac · 18/10/2004 23:21

Love it too - so glad they didn't do a cliffhanger with Tanya and Ken. Would gladly shoot bl**dy tick tock. Didn't Jean have a good voice - good rendition of Angels!


Tinker · 18/10/2004 23:22

It's just so warm, love all the characters even if they're annoying.

OP posts:

taramac · 18/10/2004 23:24

I know - I think I would love to be like Joan sometimes - just so happy with my lot and completely unaware of how others saw me!

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