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The woman with seven personalities.

7 replies

blueteddy · 18/10/2004 21:33

Any one watched this?
Very strange!

OP posts:

sparkle · 18/10/2004 21:57

Haven't seen this tonight but your post has reminded me of a fantastic book I read called 'The Flock', a true story of a woman who had, I think, 24 different personalities. The book was written by her and her therapist - a really amazing story.


Juliehafrancis · 18/10/2004 22:28

Just watched it Blue teddy! It was one of those programmes where it is quite distressing to watch but you can't help yourself.
I hope things get better for her.


Aero · 18/10/2004 22:59

Astonishing, but must be v difficult to live with. Didn't see programme, but assume it's the same lady who was interviewed on 'This Morning' today.


Northerner · 19/10/2004 09:18

I saw this blueteddy. Not quite sure what to make of it myself..........


blueteddy · 19/10/2004 16:20

Oh was she on "This morning" today?
I didn't see it, as I was working.
Did she change into 1 of her charactures while being interviewed?
I must say, I found it amazing that she was allowed 2 live on her own, especially as she harms herself.

OP posts:

Northerner · 19/10/2004 16:24

Yeah she quite often just switched. The main one was a 6 year old boy called Adam. I found it hard to beleive she lives on her own too.

The physciatrists have divided opinions over her condition though. One school of thought is that she was abused by a satanic cult as a youngster and invented these personalties to block out what was happenning to her. She has no recollectiuons of teh abuse btw but her personalities do. The other school of thought is basically that she is schzizophrenic and these personalities have been culivated by her and by physciatrists who continue to talk to each different personality.


popsycal · 19/10/2004 19:26

I watched this.

I read a book afew years ago about a woman called sybil (think there is a film too). I found it very upsetting that someone must have gone through such trauma to dissociate their mind to such an extent.

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