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Classic Corrie again!

9 replies

Skate · 18/10/2004 20:05

Ken's got a script and a half tonight hasn't he!?

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 18/10/2004 20:09

My god was I shocked about time too - he's only been in it for 500 years! Loved the speech to Tracey 'specially'

wot about the bastard Charlie then? we know whats coming don't we?


codswallop · 18/10/2004 20:12

sorry what IS going on ( please explain last three momths)


JoolsToo · 18/10/2004 20:30

coddy - how can you NOT watch Corrie - its the best thing on tv - Ciaran and Tracey have been taken down the nick for questioning. There's going to be some woman beating this week. ANOTHER wedding is going to run into trouble all this and so much more down Coronation Strasse - love it


codswallop · 18/10/2004 20:31

have no idea what ceiran is up to
I never finish the dsses and cooking int ime


Skate · 18/10/2004 20:32

Coddy - mine have to be in bed by 7.15 so I can 'prepare' for peaceful Corrie viewing!!

OP posts:

codswallop · 18/10/2004 20:32

yes and then I cook for us!


madgirl · 18/10/2004 20:56

codswallop please can you tell me when you get to talk to dp/dh the amount of time you are on mumsnet?!


JuniperDewdrop · 18/10/2004 21:04

can anyone tell me when the wedding is on? My mam's in Italy and was dropping hints that I tape it for her but I didn't say I would.
I'm feeling guilty now though


JoolsToo · 18/10/2004 21:06

well the question is 'will there be a wedding' nudge nudge - what with Maya's little stunt tee hee! don't know when its supposed to be tho' Anyone see the News of the World this weekend - I don't buy it myself you understand its SIL's but it gave away a massive storyline involving Dev - oooh! can't wait

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