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Holiday Programme - Very p*****d off and upset

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lydialemon · 18/10/2004 19:17

I'm shaking

Stupid stupid people at the BBC have decided to do a bit on holidaying in northern Cyprus. Never mind that its still actually occupied by a foreign army, that people are still refugees from their homes and have lost their lives (both Greek and Turkish) No, its cheap and under developed so lets send people who don't know any better (or really care?) to strengthen Turkeys position so this never gets sorted.

I'm crying and I feel sick.

I'm sorry I know not a lot of people know or are bothered by the Cyprus situation but I just needed to vent a bit.

F**k, they haven't even shown the clip yet! Must calm down........

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BooMama · 18/10/2004 19:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

lydialemon · 18/10/2004 19:57

Thanks BooMama, feel very angry still ( and more than a bit patronised by the BBCs report) - I have to go to work now as well. I feel sorry for any one shopping at Sainsburys tonight

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