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Who should win the farm? It's the final tonight!

4 replies

blossomhill · 17/10/2004 20:43

I like all of the final 3 - Vanilla Ice, Rebecca Loos and Jeff Brazier. I think that Jeff Brazier deserves it the most though as he has worked so hard!

OP posts:

MistressMary · 17/10/2004 20:45

jeff to win and so does my Dad think so.
He was there the other day loading those pigs up on his truck
One minute of fame!


littlemel · 17/10/2004 20:47

Jeff definitely - although cant believe he still went in there just days after his son was born, i would NEVER let my dp go off somewhere like that, not that he'd want to!! But he has worked the hardest so he should win. dont like rebecca so dont want her to win, and rob is just too lazy!!


blossomhill · 17/10/2004 23:16

I knew Jeff could do it!!!!!!!
His son is really sweet as well!
What am I going to do from 10-11 now. When is I'm a celeb back on? I need some reality tv - quick!

OP posts:

littlemel · 18/10/2004 00:04

Oh no! - I should have known better to look at this thread again - had recorded it to watch when dp gets home from work (yes i am that sad!) so didnt know who had won!! doah! oh well, i am glad he did win!!

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