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Victoria Wood - Moonwalking

8 replies

unicorn · 15/10/2004 21:04

we taped this from the other night + have just watched it.

How come a major cancer charity walk like this goes on... and there is next to NO publicity?

Anyone see it, or know about it?
(It is a 26 mile walk around London at night, in aid of breast cancer)

Fantastic film by VW (one of my faves anyway)

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Hulababy · 15/10/2004 21:36

It's been going for a while now I think . Some of the teachers from my current and old school have done it. I have sponsered them each year.

But I agree with you, there seems so little awareness of this, and not much wide spread promotion.

Victoria Wood's show the other night was really good. She's one of my faves too.


Gem13 · 15/10/2004 21:40

I hadn't heard about it either. Where had all those women come from? And why did they have to do an aerobics class first Was slightly tempted to do it myself.

moonwalk link here

Maybe mumsnet should get involved...


Hulababy · 15/10/2004 21:44

Don't think the warm up exercises are compulsary; just they all meet in the park. The tent offers shelter, and a gathering of women. Bit of fun I guess.

The women (and men) are all people who join up to do the marathan.


Gem13 · 15/10/2004 22:05

It just looked knackering before the walk. Good fun though.

It is strange not to have heard about it though. Second year of running and 14,000 taking part. You think it would have more coverage; 'Women in bras taking over the streets'. You can just imagine some of the drunks waking up in the morning and wondering if it was all a dream!


October · 15/10/2004 22:27

Message withdrawn


Hulababy · 15/10/2004 22:30

Really only second year? Thought it'd been going longer than that.

Walk the Walk has been going longer for sure; maybe it's just the marathon that's the new bit?


charliecatthenonsmoker · 15/10/2004 22:37

I watched this and thought it was fantastic also motivated me to get my pack in the post...have a look.


unicorn · 15/10/2004 23:24

cheers cc..
I am still knocked out by that film... and I still can't understand why the media haven't 'latched' on to it!!!

(must be because it's all about wimmin!!)

(and I speak as a former newsy person)

so- any curent MN Media peeps... why hasn't this film/issue/walk made waves?

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