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Most annoying theme tune ?

39 replies

Thunderbird1 · 15/10/2004 19:34

At the moment I keep singing "Maggie & the Ferocious Beast in Nowhereland" AAArrrrgghh

OP posts:

Yorkiegirl · 15/10/2004 19:35

Message withdrawn


WideWebWitch · 16/10/2004 19:13

God, there are so many that go through my head (ahem, my children watch too much tv, definitely) - 64, 64, 64, Zoo Lane; What's the story in Balamory, do you want to know?; Tikabilla, Tockabilla, Tickabilla Tock...


blossomhill · 16/10/2004 19:14

How about "Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max, Max and Ruby, Ruby and Max" etc. etc.......


whizzz · 16/10/2004 19:35

Oh no we like 64 Zoo Lane - "there's one with a hump and one that can jump and one who is a little bit plump" (that'll be me then ?!)


whizzz · 16/10/2004 19:37

Max & Ruby is THE most annoying programme on TV. Someone teach Max how to speak more than one word and WHERE is their mother ?????????
Obviously been shot & is in a pie ??


Furball · 16/10/2004 19:38



SoupDragon · 16/10/2004 19:45

Trug was made to be a toy, placed in a box for a girl or boy..."


WideWebWitch · 16/10/2004 19:47

Whizz, I like the theme to 64 Zoo Lane too, I just don't like the way it stays in my brain ALL day! Most inappropriate!


WigWamBam · 16/10/2004 19:48

Thankfully I appear to have missed out on Max and Ruby but the one that really gets my goat is The Shiny Show. Grrrrrrrr!

And 64 Zoo Lane is very sweet but the theme tune gets stuck in my head too www.


WideWebWitch · 16/10/2004 19:52

That goes round my head all day too! (The Shiny Show). My brain on a working day is mostly full of Serious Things but interspersed with these damn theme tunes!


blossomhill · 16/10/2004 19:53

My kids love Max and Ruby and I have to say Max is very cute. Wish I could buy a toy Max my dd would be beside herself!


gingernut · 16/10/2004 19:54

Fireman Sam. I just can't get it out of my head, Grrrr!


Flossam · 16/10/2004 19:55

I thought it was about a bunny called Maisy, but I think I have the name wrong, something similar to maisy on itv 'XXX a sweet little buny, XXX a cute little bunny' and so on. ARRRGH! Stays in my head forever.


codswallop · 16/10/2004 19:56

most annoying advert is that hobbycraft one


jamiesmom · 16/10/2004 19:58

my dp hates the music to casulty


jamiesmom · 16/10/2004 19:58



fisil · 16/10/2004 19:59

yes yes yes to 64 zoo lane. I only need to hear the number 64 and for the rest of the day all I hear in my head is "64 64 64 Zoo Lane" It's the only line I know, which makes it even more annoying. And as I am a maths teacher and 64 is a square number, it is something I hear nearly every day. Aaaaaggghhh!


tinyganghq · 16/10/2004 20:00

OMG 64 Zoo Lane definatly! Also lately for me 'Big Cook, Little Cook..Welcome to our caaaafe..pots and pans will start to smell if we don't wash them well' Good grief. I only took some notice cos of the threads on here about big cook supposedly being a bit tasty himself. I'm afraid he does nothing for me...even a bit disturbing in some ways with that strange dance he does! As for little cook, I'd smack him on the head with a pan if I found him running round my kitchen


unicorn · 16/10/2004 20:00

flossam - it's miffy!!!


WideWebWitch · 16/10/2004 20:02

tinygang, can never watch that without remembering that there's a mumsnetter who calls it Big cock, litle cock...


tinyganghq · 16/10/2004 20:13

Oh yesss WWW,I remember that one! That's done it - not only does the tune drive me mad but I also have disturbing imagary to accompany it now. Time for another glass..


WideWebWitch · 16/10/2004 20:15

ha ha at disturbing imagery!


whizzz · 16/10/2004 20:18

Would make for much more interesting TV - sorry

pass the wine !


Aero · 16/10/2004 20:20



tinyganghq · 16/10/2004 20:21

Too true Whizz! Cheers

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