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Telly addicts

DS was just on tele !!!

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pupuce · 14/10/2004 18:26

And spoke too.,... they filmed his school for the government initiative on giving free fruits and veg to kids....
OK I am proud !!!!

DS said he prefered banana and peach.... another child said "mars bar"

OP posts:

Angeliz · 14/10/2004 18:27

Oh, wish you'd warned us!

Bet you're beaming


JanH · 14/10/2004 18:31

Which prog, pupuce?


pupuce · 14/10/2004 18:32

Well I didn't know... it's local news so most of you won't be able to see it... he may even be on the next local news (BBC) - it was ITV a minute ago... I am taping....

Yeah I know it''s silly but I am really chuffed

OP posts:

Angeliz · 14/10/2004 18:33

where is local for you?

(If you wanna say!)


JanH · 14/10/2004 18:33

Awwww, local news?

Not silly at all, I'd be chuffed too!


pupuce · 14/10/2004 18:35

West Kent

OP posts:

Angeliz · 14/10/2004 18:36

Oh, i won't get to see him

Glad for you anyway, (and it certainly isn't daft )+


snmum · 14/10/2004 18:36

I wish you had said earlier woman!!!!


Marina · 14/10/2004 18:36

Genial, Pupuce. Well done him and you for persuading him peaches are better than Mars bars


snmum · 14/10/2004 18:37

its meridian tv is it pupuce?


pupuce · 14/10/2004 18:38

Yup... maybe you can see him again late tonight ???? I expect him to be on again in a few minutes on BBC local news (TW based).
Video is ready....

OP posts:

pupuce · 14/10/2004 18:41

He was just on again (BBC) - they only showed 2 kids and DS was THE one in front..... well he is a star

OP posts:
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