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Telly addicts


11 replies

bundle · 14/10/2004 16:04

they're going!

OP posts:

tammybear · 14/10/2004 16:05

I'd rather keep them and get rid of mickeys family!!


bundle · 14/10/2004 16:07

tammy, what about an apocalyptic plot where the lot of them get torched?

OP posts:

DillyDally · 14/10/2004 16:31

Pat hasnt had a storyline in a while, so perhaps sunshine from one of her large earrings could get in the eyes of a Ferreira driving a cab carrying Mickeys family. the rest of the family leave in shame. And Sharon and Dennis have a miracle baby?


bundle · 14/10/2004 16:33

dillydally that's my kinda plot.

OP posts:

Angeliz · 14/10/2004 16:33

i have a soft spot for Ash!


bundle · 14/10/2004 16:34

angeliz, nooooooo. they're worse than the di Marcos. or maybe not.

OP posts:

DillyDally · 14/10/2004 16:37

As long as they don't bring back Ali and Sue who used to run the caff pre Kaffys caff days. I want Ross kemp back please to beat up Dennis and go after Sharon, but I have a dennis obsession going on.


JoolsToo · 14/10/2004 17:03

don't watch Eastenders - its crap!
give me Corrie anyday!


spacemonkey · 14/10/2004 17:27

i saw mickey at the end of my road the other day


Marina · 14/10/2004 17:46

I hope you threw a shoe at him Spacemonkey, at the very least. Both families are grim. I'm having an Eastenders sabbatical at the moment, I think it's rubbish.


Skate · 14/10/2004 18:08

Oh no, for one minute there I thought it was going to be the whole show that was going

Nah, each to their own but I think it's so drab and depressing and can't understand how it keeps winning so many awards!! Guess lots of people must like it!!

Corrie rules!

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