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Grand Designs .. Tuscany

23 replies

Amfs · 13/10/2004 21:28

Oooo yum (but programme not finished yet)

That castle and view is just gorgeous

OP posts:

prufrock · 13/10/2004 21:36

As is her face lift (not)


whizzz · 13/10/2004 21:39

Oops forgot - must go & watch


jamiesam · 13/10/2004 21:41

I'm just enjoying how awful she is. Can't begin to sympathise with her woes - want the Italian bureaucrats to come back and throw a few more spanners in the works.


Heathcliffscathy · 13/10/2004 21:52

they are evidently absolutely loaded...


Amfs · 13/10/2004 21:53

110K to buy the place .. 350K to re-build it supposedly

OP posts:

Amfs · 13/10/2004 21:54

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

OP posts:

Heathcliffscathy · 13/10/2004 21:54

yeah, and how much for living expenses and accomodation for four years while the planning permissions pissed about?


SenoraPostrophe · 13/10/2004 21:55

looks a bit draughty...


Hulababy · 13/10/2004 21:55

Wow! Looks very impressive now finished doesn't it?


Heathcliffscathy · 13/10/2004 21:58

there's only two of them....what are they going to do: play rollerblade hockey down the corridors???


krocket · 13/10/2004 22:03

you had to admire him though, I can't believe some people have such tenacity. And I also can't believe that Kevin McGloud is fluent in Italian too!


JoolsToo · 13/10/2004 22:04

Fabulous! and the SCENERY!!!!


Heathcliffscathy · 13/10/2004 22:07

kevin is the man. i love his bits in the channel four links that have all the different people saying what their favourite bit of themselves it etc.


krocket · 13/10/2004 22:09

Did you ever see the episode where it showed him making his 'office' at home out of strawbales, so lovely. We get the grand designs mag and it had his house in it, lovely {sigh}


JoolsToo · 13/10/2004 22:09

ooh! don't like Kev much - he walks like he's got something stuck between his legs and he wobbles his head when he talks!


Heathcliffscathy · 13/10/2004 22:10

i don't fancy him tho


edam · 13/10/2004 22:11

Gorgeous... and was thinking the same thing as krocket about Kevin McCloud, how many languages does that man speak fluently? Apparently can turn lumps of wood into tables when the mood strikes him as well. Do you think Mrs McCloud would swap for one used dh who is not terribly good at DIY?


krocket · 13/10/2004 22:19

these types of episodes always put me to shame; people are so focussed and have so much vision (mind you, a lot of them seem to have pots of cash too)


whizzz · 13/10/2004 22:22

Saw Kevins Straw Bales thing - very Eco. Can't decide whether I like him or not - comes over as a bit of a luvvie at times. Love the prog though. Castle looks tooooo big to live in - must be chilly in winter surely !?


krocket · 13/10/2004 22:25

I think he is a bit of aluvvie but I so warmed to him after hearing him interviewed on Simon Mayo - lovely man, really modest and down to earth.


snmum · 14/10/2004 09:53


It was so gorgeous, they had such patience, i just hope evrything 'now' goes to plan for them.

On the subject of Kevin McCloud, does anyone remember on Home front (years ago when it first started) when he was a designer on there? he made an absolutely ridiculous 'mobile' out of bicycle wheels. It was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my WHOLE life


SoupDragon · 14/10/2004 09:58

It was just wonderful. The views!


Hausfrau · 14/10/2004 10:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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