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Kif · 12/10/2004 22:04

Anyone else out there can't sleep for thinking of Oddie's Mum being prevented from going to her 5 day old baby by her MIL, then finding the baby dead. Awful!!

Programmes like this should carry warnings "May give mums nightmares"

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marthamoo · 12/10/2004 22:07

Damn, I forgot to watch it and I meant to. Will have to see if my parents taped it (Dad is tracing their family tree so they may well have done).

That sounds harrowing: wasn't his Mum in a mental institution throughout his childhood, Kif?


sobernow · 12/10/2004 22:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stupidgirl · 12/10/2004 22:12

I didn't see it either, but how horrible


Kif · 12/10/2004 22:20

Yes the mum was in a mental institution. Could see what pushed her over the edge. Supposedly Oddie Gran was living with them - very omnipresent. In three years Oddie Mum had a late miscarriage, daughter died at 5 days and Bill. Tje film showed him speaking to his aunt, who was saying about how his mum would sleep next to him because she was so scared of him dying. When you juxtapose that with the fact that the clearest memory he had of her was of her being driven away to the institution fighting and screaming... worst nightmare stuff for that poor woman.... I went straight in to visit Dd after hearing that... and then Oddie Mum had ECT for her illness and didn;t recognise her son... wish i hadn't watched it. It will honestly haunt me.

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sobernow · 12/10/2004 22:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kif · 12/10/2004 22:41

I think the main thing was the 'omnipresence' - and how it must have been [erceived by his Mum. Not that the gran was 'bad'.

Strikes a chord with me as there is bad blood in my family between my gran and my mum (though nothing on that scale).

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