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anyone watching 'dad's army' the fathers4justice doc?

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Heathcliffscathy · 11/10/2004 21:35

it's not exactly endearing them to me...

OP posts:

tammybear · 11/10/2004 21:36

im watching it too although i have one eye on here too


tammybear · 11/10/2004 21:44

oh my god they are crazy!


Heathcliffscathy · 11/10/2004 21:52

they are twunts imo

the main man isn't spending time with his children (he has good relations with his ex-wife and lots of access now) as he's too busy arsing around with f4j. the second in command's new girlfriend said that her and her 5 month old's lives were 'on hold' as he was busy fighting for the cause.

they are adrenalin junkies and i only saw one guy on the programme that seemed to actually give a toss about the fact that he didn't see his son.

possibly a good cause...but a lousy lousy lobbying group...

OP posts:

tammybear · 11/10/2004 22:02

i can understand that they are trying to get their voice heard etc but pulling stunts like that isnt going to give them a good rep


Twinkie · 12/10/2004 11:13

Couldn't believe it - was fuming that people like me are dragged through court and have to retain dignity and prove that I am a good parent and they go and do stuff like that i the name of Fathers 4 Justice.

You could so see too that they wanted to lay into that woman and call her all the slaggy names under the sun when she went to the papers and said that Batman doesn't see his new daughter because he was too busy fighting!!

He is getting legal aid for all these fights (batman that is) - someone should just castrate him and stop him having anymore kids!!!


Going to watch the one about Bob Geldof tonight and fathers to see what hehas to say - mind you the one bit I saw last night was just about him saying that he finds is sexy, sweet and feminine that women go to the trouble of cooking their man a meal when he gets in from a hard day at work


hester · 12/10/2004 11:22

He did himself no favours in the one on marriage. Inviting all those interesting people on and then interrupting them constantly to rant from his soapbox... and his bottom line seemed to be, if only women would just settle for whatever men want to dish out to them, everything would be ok. OK for you, maybe, Bob...


Tortington · 12/10/2004 12:25

batmasn personal life aside - dont you think the issue - that fathers shouldnt be automatically denied custody in favour of mothers is a worthwhile one?


tammybear · 12/10/2004 12:27

after that programme, my exp has joined that J4F, but the thing is he does f*k all to see dd!! he makes me so f*king angry!!!


Twinkie · 12/10/2004 12:36

Custy - the fathers haven;t been denied access by the courts - they have by the mothers - the courts have said thatsome of these men who are IMO not fit to be parents should get to see their kids and the mothers have taken the decision that this is not best for the kids!!

Something I would do as a mother of X2b started climbing buildings and acting like those men last night - it all seemed like a big laugh to them and a bit of fun - I didn't see any of them being dignified or actually looking like I did when X2b wouldn;t let me see DD!!


Caligula · 12/10/2004 12:36

Custardo, no I don't. Because fathers aren't automatically denied custody in favour of mothers. On the whole, courts award care and control to the parent who does most of the caring. In the majority of cases, that's the mother. Most fathers go along with this because they don't want to make the career sacrifices, sex life sacrifices etc. , that women make, and are grateful to their exes for taking on the responsibility of raising their children. That's why in the main, most fathers don't oppose the mothers getting care and control.

And this group winds me up because the way it is presented in the media makes it look as though all divorced/ separated people are constantly at each others' throats, when most of them are trying to do their best to work out how they can raise their kids together without having a permanent war going on between them.

It also makes it look as though where there is a war going on, that's usually the women's fault.

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