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Just cried my way through BBC3 Little Angels

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musica · 11/10/2004 21:17

Did anyone else watch it? I literally cried the whole way through it. Dominic was such a sad boy - he way he was breaking his lego when he thought of his mum being cross the whole time. And the way his face lit up at the slightest positive comment or touch from his parents. Made me feel like a really lousy mother, because I know I often give ds a hard time for just being a 3 year old, when it is usually my fault he is playing up, because he is bored/tired/hungry. I had to come upstairs and give him a huge cuddle after watching this (even though he's asleep in bed!)

OP posts:

JiminyCricket · 11/10/2004 21:30

No but have just bought a freeview box entirely in order to see this show so will start watching asap


Clayhead · 11/10/2004 21:32

I saw it a few weeks back. A very sad programme.

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