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the great british asian invasion

8 replies

Sandi102 · 10/10/2004 19:08

did anyone watch this? I thought it was great and set the record straight. Asians are not all the same.

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SofiaAmes · 10/10/2004 22:47

Only watched the very last bit, but thought the bit where the guy who was obviously a famous tv personality making lots of money said that his parents kept asking him when he was going to go back to school to train for a real job like being a doctor. Sounds a lot like good jewish parents.


Marina · 11/10/2004 09:50

I thought it was really interesting and thought-provoking too Sandi. I remember the arrival of a husband and wife Indian GP team at our practice in the 60s and my parents immediately switching to them a) because they were great doctors and b) because so many other patients refused to see them
That was Krishnan Guru-Murthy the Channel 4 news presenter Sofia! Dh thought the same as you about that little gem.


motherinferior · 11/10/2004 09:54

My Indian mother always insists that the stereotype Jewish mother is NOT FUNNY (snigger).

Do you get Jewish Aunties to the same extent though??? Eat, eat, there's nothing on you, look at you, when are you going to get married, no you can surely fit in a bit more...


Marina · 11/10/2004 09:55

I meant to ask you what you thought of the programme MI


Angeliz · 11/10/2004 10:02

I lived in Greece for years and the Greeks do that motherinferior!!
I remember once feeling obliged to eat a peice of spinache pie plonked infront of me, (i HATED it but persevered-i was 14), as soon as i'd finished and breathed a sigh of releif they filled my plate again

Didn't see the programme though!


Angeliz · 11/10/2004 10:02

I love it now.........spinache.....


marialuisa · 11/10/2004 13:47

MI, jewish aunties defo do the same. To cap it all i have a Jewish-Indian aunty who really takes it to extremes..She's a gem though.


Sandi102 · 11/10/2004 16:51

indian mums are the same if not worse. in the past everyone was so loving, as they were all in the same boat, i.e. newly arrived, kids all went to the same school, all wore same tank top clothes and frilly dressess. Whereas now, the love has gone and there is so much competition and bitchiness. My mum reminiscies (spelling) the good old days. Which i was around to see them. I was an 80's child, so some things began to change. Although i had a great childhood. oh and mum had me when she was 43!

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