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The X Factor & Ant and Dec

24 replies

joanneg · 09/10/2004 18:16

I love Saturday night TV now! My social life is well and truely on hold. The X factor - great love it, Ant and Dec - great and love them!! And Little Ant and Dec - so sweet!

Then Jamie Oliver on Parky later - yummy!

OP posts:

nailpolish · 09/10/2004 18:32

agree! totally! cant decide between ant or dec tho - think ant


joanneg · 09/10/2004 18:33

i agree - ant has lovely eyes - swoon!

OP posts:

nailpolish · 09/10/2004 18:35

dec is a bit too boyish


Sandi102 · 10/10/2004 19:09

i LOVE the guy in the over 25 category. The one who wasn't so sure about himself. i forget his name but he is so cute.


JoolsToo · 10/10/2004 19:20

X-Factor - I've been sucked in - AGAIN!!!

As usual they've let some crackers go and kept in some questionable ones - but there are some really good singers there - should be good.

(PS - where IS Michelle McManus???)


froot · 10/10/2004 19:32

message withdrawn


Sandi102 · 10/10/2004 19:46

yes i just checked out the website and it's steve. thanks froot


froot · 10/10/2004 21:05

message withdrawn


poppyseed · 10/10/2004 21:17

ooh yes, Steve, me too...
joanneg - we watched the same last night! Thank god for sky plus - DH replayed The x factor for me as I was bathing DS. DD got to stay up REALLY late (end of ant and dec) as she loves them too - she is only 5 though lol!!
By the way anyone know if dec does the voiceover for enjy benjy ?- strangely similar accent me thinks!!


joanneg · 10/10/2004 21:25

poppyseed - Yes he is the voice of Enji Benji (how wierd!) I think that in the credits it has Ant and Dec - so I wonder who Dec is?? The astronaunt I think

OP posts:

Skate · 10/10/2004 22:25

Steve - is fantastic! Has anyone noticed he sounds exactly like Luther Vandross?


EvesMama · 10/10/2004 22:28

skate...when he sang dance with my father last night i nearly cried..he really sounded like luthor and he has the most fantastic eyes, he really doesnt believe hes as good as he is does he?

p.s ant and dec AND les dennis all do enji benji!!!!


Skate · 10/10/2004 22:31

Yeah but I can never work out who Ant does the voice for? I know Dec does Enji Benjy!

I watched X Factor for the first time last night and will now be tuning in each week to see how Steve gets on.

Pity he's got such a common name - dh is steve along with about 4 of my friends dp/dhs!!


EvesMama · 10/10/2004 22:32



Sandi102 · 10/10/2004 22:33

i hope steve stakes it out until the final. that way we all must vote for him to win.


Skate · 10/10/2004 22:33

NO WAY!?!?!



JuniperDewdrop · 10/10/2004 22:34

thanks for clearing up the ant and dec dilemma. I knew it was ant. who's dec though? Maybe he does the rest of them?
Missed all the programmes as I was out Saturday night. Is sky + much more expensive? I'm really tempted to get it.


Skate · 10/10/2004 22:35

My Mum and Dad just Sky Plus - I think they paid £200 for it. It's great the way you can rewind it and tape stuff!


JuniperDewdrop · 10/10/2004 22:36

cheers skate!


EvesMama · 10/10/2004 22:36

well thats his sunday name, what i call him on many occasion would not be printed!!lol
he's buggerd off to bed so i should start thinking about going!


Skate · 10/10/2004 22:37

Evesmama - your dh is steve? do we know each other!?


EvesMama · 10/10/2004 22:39

dont know skate, real name is Joe?????


Skate · 10/10/2004 22:42

No, not one of my RL friends then. DH just came in and read the thread and said 'maybe she's Fiona' (ie, friend with dh steve)!!

Gonna have to go to bed soon - ds3 will want feeding at 3ish. Dh is just doing his 10.30 one now!


EvesMama · 10/10/2004 22:48

im gonna have to go soon, can hear dd chunterning...wont be long b4 im up and in spare bed with her! bad mother!!!lol

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