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British Isles Natural History

9 replies

stupidgirl · 06/10/2004 21:58

Is anyone watching this? The London bit at the end???

Where was the place you can go and look for fossils? The place where he found the sharks tooth????

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stupidgirl · 06/10/2004 22:23

Oi! Did no-one else see it???

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JoolsToo · 06/10/2004 22:30

sorry - not me!


SecondhandRose · 06/10/2004 22:31

It was Abbey Wood, I think that's SE London but I could be wrong. Both DH and I find this programme really confusing. Alan seems to be flying about all over the place and not a lot of it seems to make any sense. Or is it us just being stupid?


prettybird · 07/10/2004 10:28

SecondhandRose - no, it's not you being stupid. Dh is (or was) a geographer/geologer - and he is finding it really frustrating. He understands the timelines involved - and is being frustrated that Alan is jumping about all over the place, so it is really difficult to understand the timescales or even the geography of what is involved.

He KNOWS hwat is being talked about - and it STILL finding it confusing!

We'll probably watch the whole series and find bits that are interesting - but will contiune to be frustrated by the confusing format and lack of a clear "story".


roisin · 07/10/2004 10:39

We normally enjoy programmes like this, but tbh Alan Titchmarsh just doesn't appeal(!) as a presenter, so we haven't bothered.


KBear · 07/10/2004 10:48

I didn't see the programme but we used to go digging for shark teeth in Lessness Abbey woods which are in Abbey Wood - still got a little jar with them in somewhere in my box of treasures (!).


Davros · 07/10/2004 21:50

Loved the London bit (I would though ) but don't think Alan Titchmarsh is the right choice as presenter, in fact, really puts me off. Don't dislike him but he's not right for it.


Pagan · 07/10/2004 22:14

I agree Davros. This programme has the potential to be one of the better offerings TV has to make but would rather have someone else talking about it and could do without the padding out where we have to watch Mr Titchmarsh abseiling the last 10 feet of a cliff or taking a ride in a fighter plane - what is the point of that. Just get to where you need to be then tell us about it. The scone eating part also annoyed me.

I too am pretty clued on on these matters but he jumps around just too much.

I missed the bit about London though so can't help you there SG.


stupidgirl · 07/10/2004 23:01

Lessness Abbey woods, south east london? Where in London is it near? (I don't know London very well, I don't live in London in fact about 30 miles out, but for some reason get the London tv)

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