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Balamory Questions

6 replies

gscrym · 06/10/2004 13:17

Just a few things that I was wondering.

  1. Why does no-one ever change thir clothes or hair? (Except Josie Jump who had a full head and body transplant).

  2. Does Miss Hoolie get paid more than the rest of them because she's in every episode?

  3. Why have a policeman on Balamory when they have no crime but they don't have a fireman. He could help Plummy with stranded kittens and things.

  4. Where do they get milk from, I've never seen it in Pocket and Sweet.

    Yes I'm bored today!
OP posts:

motherinferior · 06/10/2004 13:20

Yes, I wondered about clothes the other day when they went to the beach and kept complaining about how hot it was!


coppertop · 06/10/2004 13:28

Perhaps Archie will start wearing a saucier outfit in an attempt to win Plummers back from Miss No-First-Name Hoolie.

And who calls the police out on an emergency because a cat is sitting underneath their bus???

And why does no-one ever knock before walking into someone else's house?


motherinferior · 06/10/2004 13:31

Well, that glint in Edie's eye means I'd put money on her just trying to lure Plummy into her van.


linniewith2 · 08/10/2004 00:03

New question................
Who keeps putting strange things in Miss ? Hoolies cuboard every day ?
Is it some kind of pixie or cuboard elf/gremlin????????????????????????????


Davros · 08/10/2004 09:48

What about the (obviously unintended) racial stereotyping? The two black people do sport and music.....


childmindersam · 08/10/2004 09:53

OH dear, im not sure im a fan of the new balamory! I love the old songs, although plums new song is obviously intended to make him seem a bit more macho!!!!cough, splutter

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