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Telly addicts

Have you seen the fab new Honda advert?

5 replies

SecondhandRose · 04/10/2004 15:17

it's a cartoon and is such a feel good advert for diesel engines! Lovely music too. What a saddo I am.

OP posts:

binker · 21/10/2004 09:55

yes - liked it !


wobblyknicks · 21/10/2004 09:56

Sorry, maybe I was in the wrong frame of mind when watching it but I didn't really 'get it'. Just seemed like a lot of singing about nothing then the end.


willow2 · 21/10/2004 10:28

I've seen it, but I still haven't got a clue what the car looks like.


PicadillyCircus · 21/10/2004 10:48

I like it - DH hates it


Oooggs · 21/10/2004 21:32

It's far too addictive, and its on the local radio too!!!!! Do B Doo, Do B Doo, oh well I won't get to sleep tonight then

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