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The baby in the sun in Teletubbies, where is she/he now?

6 replies

WideWebWitch · 03/10/2004 10:18

Anyone know? She must be about 11 now I reckon, if my calculations about when teletubbies started are right (yeah, had too much time on my hands this morning!)

OP posts:

alexsmum · 03/10/2004 10:21

I think she was the director's child.Something like that anyway.


Miaou · 03/10/2004 10:24

I don't think so alexmum, I think she was "auditioned" for the role. AFAIK she never did anything else though.


Slinky · 03/10/2004 10:28

Teletubbies started in 1997 - guessing that the baby was 6 months old back then! Similar age to my DD1 who will be 9 on Friday - I reckon Sun Baby will be 9 next year.

Remember watching it when DD1 was a toddler - the Sun Baby reminds me of my friends baby who arrived a couple of weeks before my DD1.

(also have too much time on my hands this morning - DH and kids are out, I'm should be studying )


alexsmum · 03/10/2004 10:32

Maybe I'm mistaken then.It's a weird thought, that she's nearly nine.Must be nice for her parents.


coppertop · 03/10/2004 10:32

Another one with too much time on her hands here. According to one website the baby is a girl called Jessica Smith who is/was apparently from Edinbridge(?) in Kent. No idea where she is now though.


lou33 · 03/10/2004 10:46

I always assumed the baby was a boy!

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