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Did anyone watch horizon last night?

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conker · 01/10/2004 12:45

i didnt realise how I thought about thing was any different to anyone else, until last night

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beansprout · 01/10/2004 14:36

Conker - I had the same!! I do the numbers thing and also have a very structured alphabet!
V interesting though!


Tinker · 01/10/2004 14:37

What was it about?


beansprout · 01/10/2004 14:43

Tinker it was about synaesthesia - which is when someone experiences a sense, other than the one being stimulated, so e.g. someone might "see" colours when hearing musical notes or "taste" road signs.

A mild version of this can include placing numbers and/or letters in space in a very structured way and working with them in that way which is something I do.


conker · 01/10/2004 14:46

yes mine is to do with the days, months, years being in charts and structured places

same with alphabet and numbers

I do have a bit of the taste thing too.

It was really weird, i thought this was normal, which apperently at the end of the p[rogram it said 'most' people think about it in this way but in different forma iykwim

Dh said to me 'oh why dont you get to bed with your charts'

OP posts:

Tinker · 01/10/2004 15:29

Sounds interesting, any more details of what you mean exactly?


conker · 01/10/2004 16:07

look here Tinker

OP posts:

lou33 · 01/10/2004 16:23

Bugger I meant to watch that.


conker · 01/10/2004 16:26

lou you missed out, it was really good

OP posts:

lou33 · 01/10/2004 16:42

I really really meant to, because I had a v long conversation with one of my best friends about it not so long ago. She thinks my dd2 may have it, and i was unsure, so I wanted to see it.


conker · 01/10/2004 16:44

It said though, lou at the end of the program, that 'most' people have it. In way or another. They think it is to do with early development and how you were 'taught' and learnt things. I dont know whether my link explains it further. it was very interesting and a bit weird that i think strange aswell, well according to dh 'who just thinks NORMAL!'

as if thats an explanation

OP posts:

Hulababy · 01/10/2004 17:20

We watched this too. It was fascinating.


Lowryn · 01/10/2004 17:40

I did the test on the website and found it a bit inconclusive. I do believe that the number 8 is yellow and the number 5 is red, but that's about it really.
I got all 4 shape pictures right though (spot the pattern made by the number 2 amongst the number 5s)


Lowryn · 01/10/2004 17:43

test is here if you hadn't found it already .


lou33 · 01/10/2004 17:56

Slightly off topic, but has anyone done the lonely hearts ad ? V interesting.

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