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Green Wing on Channel 4 anyone?

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Marina · 30/09/2004 11:38

Just wondered if anyone was watching this and relating in a horrified kind of way to Harriet Schulenburg?
I cannot stop laughing at this grotesquely funny programme. Mark Heap is a comic genius. First Spaced, and now this.

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 30/09/2004 11:41

It's really good fun, but I do find the camera work v dizzying. I did prefer Spaced.

Kayleigh · 30/09/2004 11:42

Never saw Spaced but am loving Green Wing. Hysterical. And the hour goes so fast !

Flumpreviouslybutwhatdoiknow · 30/09/2004 11:45

Love it, but exciting social life/ early sleeps means always miss it.

need tivo or sky plus or summat

Kayleigh · 30/09/2004 11:51

Flumpreviouslybutwhatdoiknow, we usually tape it. Not due to a hectic social life. Purely cos either me or dh usually fall asleep during it .

bundle · 30/09/2004 11:55

marina, in exciting showbiz-type name dropping exercise..met him at a party and he mentioned he was doing something medical...

i LOVE show, btw. but keep missing it too

Marina · 30/09/2004 11:56

Repeated at 11.10pm on Saturdays if you don't mind watching it with a saucer-eyed Grobag-wearing little person over one shoulder...

OP posts:
Marina · 30/09/2004 12:01

It's funny you should say that bundle, I was at a ds-schoolfriend birthday party and another mum there worked with him in his early theatre days and also said he was delightful. Apparently his recorder-playing "technique" dates from this time. If you socialise with him on a regular basis please tell him I love him.

OP posts:
bundle · 30/09/2004 12:23

(his sil was in my nct grp)

crunchie · 30/09/2004 12:52

I love this programme!! Is Harriet the mum with the white board? If so yep that feels like me at times Pure brilliance

Marina · 30/09/2004 13:00

Yes she is Crunchie. Particularly relished scene where she arrived at work immaculate apart from having forgotten to put on her skirt. Good to see I am not the only person haring about after her family while not fully dressed

OP posts:
Kayleigh · 30/09/2004 13:05

and when she had left kids in car in office car park... ...priceless

lou33 · 30/09/2004 13:37

CAme across this last night and thought it was hilarious!

crunchie · 30/09/2004 14:31

Yep that skirt thing is totally me in the morning, I send them to get dressed then run around in a pair of jeans and no top or whatever. My fave moment was the whiteboard when she 'couldn't find Robbie'

yingers74 · 30/09/2004 14:46

Have not seen too much of this, although the bits I have seen were really funny, i loved spaced as well. Also think scrubs is very funny

lou33 · 03/10/2004 00:54

I watched it again just now (housewarming party). The more I see of it the more I love it. Also find the ad break man in a mini bloody hilarious with his silly jokes

essbee · 03/10/2004 00:55

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 03/10/2004 00:57

Did you see it tonight?

essbee · 03/10/2004 00:58

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 03/10/2004 00:59

Every character in it is so funny.

essbee · 03/10/2004 01:00

Message withdrawn

essbee · 03/10/2004 01:02

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 03/10/2004 01:04

There are worse things to turn into. Just don't end up with colin firth.

essbee · 03/10/2004 01:05

Message withdrawn

lou33 · 03/10/2004 01:06


Right I have hidden the brownies to stop early rising children searching them out for breakfast, and am off to bed now.

See you about tomorrow no doubt

essbee · 03/10/2004 01:08

Message withdrawn

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