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bank of mum and dad

14 replies

yingers74 · 29/09/2004 14:19

did anyone see this? what was that guy like? i can't believe his attitude, even when his mum was crying he didn't get it!

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tammybear · 29/09/2004 14:22

i saw that, how in the world can u ignore that amount of debt!!


yingers74 · 29/09/2004 14:30

He made me angry as yes perhaps bankruptcy means he won't have to pay, but either way he would lose the house his parents worked hard to help him buy and that amount of debt means someone somewhere would end up paying. i could have smacked him when he sat opposite his mum saying 'why are you getting upset, its just paper?

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kalex · 29/09/2004 14:32

Wanted to slap him. £500 a month on the DOG FFS


tammybear · 29/09/2004 14:32

i know, and i couldnt believe how much his parents had given him! and how much he spent on just one girl! definetly needed a slap to get some sense into him


yingers74 · 29/09/2004 14:32

and 1200 on a jacket

OP posts:

charliecat · 29/09/2004 15:22

I think the reason he didnt get it was because he had a severe problem.
His attitude was well if I ignore it it will go away, and whilst I can spend I will.
His poor mum. I hope she never bails him out again.


Debbiethemum · 29/09/2004 15:26

I found it interesting that the producers kept on mentioning his ex-girlfriend and saying he spent all his money on her, but if he is spending twice his income on clothes, the dog and nights out at the moment. How can it be her fault?

And don't even get me started on the bloody range rover


charliecat · 29/09/2004 15:29

The woman probably thought it was flattering to begin with but after a while realised she wouldnt really want to settle down with someone like him as he wouldnt curb his spending if they became a family.
Nice bloke under it, I thought though.


yingers74 · 29/09/2004 15:51

yeah although it took a while to get under to find him!!!!!!!

OP posts:

Skate · 29/09/2004 16:39

D'you think the Range Rover was in inverse proportion to his d**k?!

I actually think he had some serious self-esteem issues and he clearly thought he could 'buy it'.

Don't get me wrong - still thought he was an idiot. His poooor mother.


secur · 29/09/2004 16:50

Message withdrawn


yingers74 · 29/09/2004 17:20

he brought all his dog's needs from harrods! This is true! He also gave his dog a gucci collar!

OP posts:

puddinggal · 05/10/2004 19:52

This is on again tonight - 8pm, BBC 2


joanneg · 12/10/2004 20:04

This is on now - I really like this show

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