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the farm

17 replies

Ennazus · 28/09/2004 23:01

am i the only one who thinks this reality programme is rubbish? why didn't they call it pig brother?

OP posts:

mothernature · 28/09/2004 23:02

only saw the clip in the adverts - saw Paul Daniels loosing it, what was that all about?


Rowlers · 29/09/2004 22:33

Just seen a bit. Talk about D list celebs.
Paul Daniels (he's just left) and Debbie McGee
Rebecca Loos (?)
Jade Goody's ex (don't even know his name)
Margi Clarke
Somebody Hervey
Stan Collymore
Vanilla Ice (!)
A couple of other unrecognisable blokes. Vanilla Ice thought one of them was a grown up Harry Potter.
Scraping the very bottom of a very very deep barrell....


JoolsToo · 29/09/2004 22:37

Oh forgot about this - someone at work said I should watch.

Apparently Paul Daniels and someone either Vanilla Ice (he was visiting) or Stan Collymore had an argument - Vanilla/Stan said you can't be racist if your black - and a huge row broke out and Pauls walked off.

Can't be racist if your black - when did that happen?

Anyway don't think I'll bother!


blossomhill · 06/10/2004 11:38

OMG - Did anyone see Rebecca Loos giving that pig a "hand job"? There is no way on this earth I would have done that! Yuk,yuk,yuk!!!!!


Branster · 06/10/2004 12:36

as luck would have it, that exact sequence was the only bit of The Farm I've ever seen and all by accident. Now you can imagine what I think of this programme!

PS Never saw a pig's thingy before in my life. Learn something new every day I suppose!


blossomhill · 06/10/2004 13:46

I just found it so immoral!


snmum · 06/10/2004 13:49

oh god dont watch it Z list celebs



blossomhill · 06/10/2004 13:52

Sorry snmum but I love reality shows. Yes I know I am sad!!!!!!


noddy5 · 06/10/2004 15:00

I think the z list celebs are far more compulsive to watch as they are sooooooooo desperate!Haven't seen Rebecca loos with the pigs but don't like her at all in general she comes across quite badly.WHAT was she doing with a pig???


blossomhill · 06/10/2004 16:10

Without getting too graphic she was making it produce sperm lets say! Apparently the amount of sperm produced by a 9 month old can be used to inseminate lots of sows and the quality is much better. It is obviously common practice in farms!!!


leglebegle · 06/10/2004 16:19

the rebecca loos pig thing was HORRIBLE. its the only bit i've watched and i can't believe i flicked over and that was what was on. i thought the woman was a complete slapper before and now i truly think she should have dangerous tattooed on her head. what was she thinking ????? victoria beckham must be laughing her head off.


valleygirl · 06/10/2004 16:20

i thought you meant she was wanking stan collimore off!!


jampot · 06/10/2004 16:25

VG - when's it on? I haven;t seen it yet


JoolsToo · 06/10/2004 17:27

totally agree about the pig thing - I only did a quick flick with the remote - like you do - and my jaw dropped - if this is the sort of thing farmers get up to on a regular basis I'll be steering clear of farms!

examing the cow was a bit graphic too


JoolsToo · 06/10/2004 17:29

jampot - 10.00 pm channel 5 - its a bit shallow like all the reality shows - but it kinda sucks you in iykwim

valleygirl !


blossomhill · 07/10/2004 16:02

Here is the full story of the dirty deed.

pig story

I think this has sunk to the lowest of the low and I am quite disturbed by it , that's why I keep going on about it. I cannot believe this happened. Maybe it is part of everyday farm life, not sure.


snmum · 12/10/2004 15:06

my husband was even shocked by the pig incident and it takes ALOT to shock him

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