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All About My Husband now on BBC2

11 replies

Thomcat · 28/09/2004 21:18

Bless him, big lump in my throat and a lot of admiration for them all, must be so hard.

OP posts:

Thomcat · 28/09/2004 21:42

Is anyone else watching this?

OP posts:

KateandtheGirls · 28/09/2004 21:51

No, I don't get BBC2 here, but what is he on for?


Thomcat · 28/09/2004 21:57

Ohh KatG, it's so moving. He had a stroke, early on in his life. He's back at home with his wife & daughters thank god but it's just the struggle they are going through and the frustration he must feel. He wants to get the words out but can't, he's trying so hard to be understood and she's being so patient.

I know you'd give anything just to have your husband back with you and she's lucky she still has him and I'm sure she's grateful for that but it was so moving watching them try and talk to each other and see old home movie footage of him before the stroke.

Are you still living, in NYC btw?

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KangaMummy · 28/09/2004 22:05

I watched it TC it was a very moving film esp when he was trying to tell her about his worries about the flight


Thomcat · 28/09/2004 22:10

Kanga - That was the bit that got me as well, that's exactly when i came back on and asked again if anyone was watching it!

OP posts:

Heathcliffscathy · 28/09/2004 22:16

i thought they were all amazing. v moving.


KangaMummy · 28/09/2004 22:20

DH aunt had a stroke last year and it affected her voice but she died after 2 months she was 79 years though.


Thomcat · 28/09/2004 22:42

Ohh, sorry to hear that Kanga

OP posts:

KangaMummy · 28/09/2004 23:01

thanks thomcat


KateandtheGirls · 28/09/2004 23:05

I thought you meant your husband was on tv Thomcat!

Sounds like it was a very moving show.

I moved to Florida just over a year ago.


Thomcat · 28/09/2004 23:44

Oh how funny Kateandthegirls, I can see why you thought that!

So how's Florida? Do you miss NY? It's a great place, one I'd liked to have lived in but can't imagine living there for years and years.

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