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When children's TV presenters go bad....

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24HrsNotEnough · 28/09/2004 15:40

I saw a cover for a mag ages ago (Zoo? or something?) where they were featuring the 'sexy kids tv stars' with very few clothes - just wondered what other people think about this? I think Chris Jarvis from CBeebies is drop dead gorgeous but would we see him half naked in some women's magazine???

OP posts:

suzywong · 28/09/2004 15:42


I think it highly unlikely that Chris would be making such an appearance in a magazine for the pleasure of ladies. Sadly. Have you never noticed his absolute glee when ever a show-tune style number is called for on Cbeebies?


Cadbury · 28/09/2004 15:46

I was under that impression too!


bundle · 28/09/2004 15:50

I saw the wonderful Legally Blonde the other night on tv. the clincher for the (dumb blonde) would-be lawyer is that one of the witnesses in a case knew her shoes were last season's Prada therefore, he must be gay...


suzywong · 28/09/2004 15:51

he also willingly dressed in a brown bodywarmer with orange piping for his role as Mr Mopple in .. oh god what was it called, the one with the face on the front of the house .... anyway how many more signs do you need?


bundle · 28/09/2004 15:51

oh I hate that one suzy, it's creepy


melsmum · 28/09/2004 15:54

omg yes that mr mopple with the creepy house is the worst programme ever thank goodness its not on anymore the cat was the worst gives me the shivers just thinking about it!!!!!!!!


suzywong · 28/09/2004 15:58

Come Inside, was it? shudder

we get heaps of Cbeebies stuff over here, thank the lord it's the quality stuff


bundle · 28/09/2004 16:00

somethign like that suze, i'm sure it was the opposite of come outside..probably get in here or else..


suzywong · 28/09/2004 16:03


melsmum · 28/09/2004 16:05

bundle i havent laughed so much in ages - get in here or else wasnt the name of the programme but it bloody well should have been, im going to have nightmares tonight!


Skate · 28/09/2004 16:06

Step Inside


suzywong · 28/09/2004 16:07

All those who love stories!!!!!!!


bundle · 28/09/2004 16:09

melsmum, suze - it's the bloomin arms of that demonic looking bookcase...every child's (and grown up's) nightmare


24HrsNotEnough · 28/09/2004 16:11

Just re-read my post and, after editing, it doesn't say what I wanted it to say!!!

I originally meant, how appropriate do you think it is that female kids tv presenters get their kit off to pose in mags...

I know what you mean about Mr Jarvis, but when he's that gorgeous who cares!

OP posts:

melsmum · 28/09/2004 16:14

i think the cat is creepier than the bookcase - its the voice. and i just dont get the chris jarvis thing - hes too skinny and boyish for me - not man enough. hes defo gay though so i dont think any of us stand a chance


suzywong · 28/09/2004 16:14

well I don't think it's appropriate at all

It's just blatant career-furthering by the presenters who clearly aren't in it for the long haul.

Never happened in Valerie Singleton's day


bundle · 28/09/2004 16:24

even that one on magpie (?susan stranks) used to cover up. nowadays if i flick over channels to cbbc rather than cbeebies, you see what can only be described as chicks with bra straps showing/pierced bellybuttons displayed and far too much make up. harumph.


melsmum · 28/09/2004 16:39

omg you're right skate it was step inside!!!

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