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Anyone watching Trisha??

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JuniperDewdrop · 28/09/2004 09:46

I usually turn over after LK today but it's about unruly kids today. Feel so sorry for the mum

OP posts:

louee · 28/09/2004 09:52

I never get to watch "normal" TV my Dd is 3 and watches anything like nick Jr,disney channel and cbeebies .If I turn it over there will be a war are her time and when shes at nursery its anyones time.(not that i get to watch it with a 1 year old son around my feet whilst im cleaning the house....awww bless!!!!


JuniperDewdrop · 28/09/2004 09:54

That poor mum at least she's getting help now. She's struggling with her young son and she's a single mum.

OP posts:

codswallop · 28/09/2004 09:55

no i never watch tv int he day


Twinkie · 28/09/2004 10:30

After watching Little Angels the other day I realise that it is more often than not the parents and how they react to the child to make them utter little shits - please don't blame the kid first!!


nikkim · 28/09/2004 10:50

Watched a few minutes of it put I felt a bit sorry for the mum and then got annoyed at they way it was implying that all single mums struggle (we don't!!) or maybe that is me being a tad touchy from my high horse! Also why do parenting experts tend to talk in that whiny patronising voice and say I want you to feel really supported but....

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