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What not to wear

12 replies

gscrym · 27/09/2004 21:45

Did anyone else see this tonight?

I thought at the end the two women looked really nice, didn't like some of the stuff they picked. That wasn't what concerned me. I haven't watched this very often, but is it common practice for Susannah to whip the knickers of someone because she doesn't like a knicker line? Is it also usual for Trinny to reduce someone to tears for disagreeing with her. I really felt for the women who had the triplets. I might be a little over sensitive but if some women ripped my knickers off, I would feel as if I had been sexually assaulted.
I know people go on these programmes having seen them before so should know what to expect but for someone to be left feeling wretched after a couple of days shopping, surely there's something wrong.

OP posts:

nutcracker · 27/09/2004 21:48

Oh bugger didn't know it was on.

I would love their advice but wouldn't like the boob pinching or knicker swiping ,no.


blossomhill · 27/09/2004 21:48

No I didn't. I find Trinny and Susannah really painful to watch. I was watching Little Angels instead!


DelGirl · 27/09/2004 21:49

I can't stand that programme, or them, They get way too personal for my liking and yes, if it was me, I would feel as if i'd been assaulted. I can't say i'm into fashion much, I just wear what I feel happy in, sod anyone else but I don't think thay're that great either.


MTS · 27/09/2004 21:50

gosh I know that they are into boob/bra comments but didn't realise they were that extreme about underwear!


nutcracker · 27/09/2004 21:50

Thats why i missed it I was watching little angels too, and i'd already seen it.


blossomhill · 27/09/2004 21:51

I also dislike the way they say tts and are. It just doesn't sound right coming from them IYSWIM?


Miaou · 27/09/2004 21:53

Nice to find someone with the same attitude to fashion as me, DG! Never seen What Not To Wear, so can't really comment on the prog.


gscrym · 27/09/2004 22:02

They took great exception to the women with the triplets (feel terrible, can't remember her name) said that they did fashion.
I've lived in combats and t-shirts since I had DS. Heels scare me and if I wear anything that's just below the knee, I look like a footballer in drag. I think they would take one look at my wardrobe and chuck a match and petrol in there.

OP posts:

roisin · 27/09/2004 22:10

I've only seen this a couple of times, and was appalled by it, and had no desire to see it again. (I didn't see it tonight!)

But I actually had a dream the other night that they turned up on my doorstep and they were really shocked when I politely declined to participate in their programme ...!

Surely they must have 9 people do that for every one who agrees to go through with it?!


MrsDoolittle · 27/09/2004 22:13

I missed seeing them on Jonathan Ross the other night but dh saw it and he said it was almost painful to watch. Jonathan grabbing Susannah's boobs or something, and Trinny getting awfully upset.....


Sexyandhappy · 27/09/2004 22:30

I thought they were hilarious on Jonathan Ross.... and what channel was it on today ? It isn't featured in my TV listing????


musica · 27/09/2004 22:44

When is it actually on? I thought it was on Wednesdays.

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