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LIFE LAUNDRY ..........Who can find me the number to apply ???

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nutcracker · 27/09/2004 12:14

A friend of my moms wants to applt to go on as her house is a tip.

I have searched but cannot find anyway of applying or any info on it.

First one with the info gets a gold star

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 27/09/2004 12:24

why doesn't she just sort it out then?

be warned these tv companies like you to be interesting. me and dh applied for Escape to the Country - guy came to see us and seemed to like us - trouble was we weren't interesting enough - we didn't keep a shire horse, we weren't building a rocket in the garden, we hadn't just come through a trauma - no, we were just Mr & Mrs Average wanting to move to the country and apparently thats just boring!

so good luck to her if she gets on it - let us know and we'll be glued!
don't suppose this warrants a gold star eh?


OldieMum · 27/09/2004 12:29

We have some friends who did this. They were on the prog about 2 years ago. If your friend does go ahead, do warn her that it's as much about getting inside your head as it is about sorting out your junk. The wife had a lot of issues with her mother and these seemed to be what lay behind the problem with hoarding. It all came out in the film and made for some uncomfortable viewing. But the rooms they did up look fabulous...


nutcracker · 27/09/2004 12:29

Thanks anyway Joolstoo, how about a silver star ??

My moms friends is quite odd so maybe she would be interesting enough.

She is also very lazy, hence the need for LL.

If she gets on i'll let u know.

OP posts:

nutcracker · 27/09/2004 12:30

Thanks Oldiemum I'll pass that on to her.

OP posts:
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