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Dirty War BBC1 - why did I watch it?!!?!

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CountessDracula · 26/09/2004 22:55

I am about to accept a 3 month secondment to a firm bang in the middle of the City - am now having second thoughts having watched this bloody programme! I wasn't going to watch it but somehow got sucked into it.

Does it make all you other city types nervous too?
It is allegedly designed to "educate rather than alarm viewers" - well thanks a bunch

OP posts:

expatkat · 26/09/2004 23:18

I know this is serious, CD, but ROFL at your post.

Didn't watch it--thank goodness.


soapbox · 26/09/2004 23:51

Hmmm yes! Both DH and I work in the City and our DCs are a long way away from us during hte day!

Not quite panicking but certainly 'concerned'! No doubt everyone on public transport will be twitchy tomorrow which might be entertaining


alibubbles · 27/09/2004 10:38

Wished I had seen it, as I only saw the discussion afterwards, anyone video it?


Frenchgirl · 27/09/2004 10:48

dh and I watched it, he works in the city but wasn't bothered one bit by it as he says he is very vigilant anyway. I was sh*t scared!


suedonim · 27/09/2004 12:04

Ooh, I didn't see the prog but can imagine how you feel, CD. I'm flying to Los Angeles the day before the US presidential election and have convinced myself someone will shoot down the plane in order to influence the voting. Gloom.

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