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Who rules the roost BBC2 now

11 replies

KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 21:10

2 year old turning off power at junction/fuse box.

OP posts:

NomDePlume · 26/09/2004 21:16


Our is in the (integral) garage and is about 5ft up the wall, so no chance of that here !


childmindersam · 26/09/2004 21:17

watched this one the other night! mother abit wierd im afraid!


KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 21:19

fuse box was in the hall near ground level by front door and little boy turned off the power by flipping the trip switch, TWICE. He thought it was funny!!!!

OP posts:

childmindersam · 26/09/2004 21:21

in mums 2 weeks she decides not to bother with housework and washing and hires people! says its so she can spend time with kids but just lazieness if you ask me!


NomDePlume · 26/09/2004 21:21

Hmmm. The people in these progs do make me wonder sometimes.


coppertop · 26/09/2004 22:05

I think they both spent far too much time criticising each other and trying to score points. I found myself cringeing every time they used the children to do it. "Mummy would tell you off if she did that, wouldn't she?" "What does Daddy do? Yeeees! He moans, doesn't he?"

Was I imagining things or did he really leave the twins outside in a pushchair while he went into the bookies?


sweetkitty · 26/09/2004 22:59

watched the catch up on BBC3 nothing had changed both were working full time and building new extension so dad was doing loads of overtime

couldn't work them out dad wanted mum to do p/t hours so the house would be tidy and spend more time with the kids mum totally against this - why didn't dad cut back on his hours??


SueW · 26/09/2004 23:07

coppertop, presumably he wasn't shy about asking the camera crew to mind them It's easy to forget that there are a couple of people following around when they aren't doing video diary!


polly28 · 26/09/2004 23:36

I thought the dad was quite funny actually.He'd be better suited to being at home with the kids.


JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 23:47

its parenthood, but not as we know it!

(she was inept!)


moosh · 27/09/2004 16:09

And did you clock the amount of clthes she bought the kids!!! I buy my boys lots of clothes but at good ole cheap H&M and a few pieces from Next, but she bought bags and bags of stuff from next.

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