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Nickjr is banned in my house

8 replies

Yorkiegirl · 26/09/2004 13:41

Message withdrawn

OP posts:

GeorginaA · 26/09/2004 13:44

Me too. We stopped watching NickJr a while back now - not so much for the "I want" thing, but a couple of ads really scared ds1 (the dragon in one of the theme park adverts and one of the bionicle ads - which was insane putting it on a pre-school channel when it's a toy aimed at 8 year olds). It's a shame because I find CBeebies repeats too often. Not that we watch that much in a day, but the same thing is often on at dinnertime as what was on at lunchtime (meal preparation times is when we use the TV most).


nutcracker · 26/09/2004 13:45

I am quite good at issuing an automated response now, as dd's are nearly 5 and 7 so have been doing this for a while.

I just say, well you can't have everything and you'll have to wait and see.

Luckily Ds (22mths) doesn't do this yet.
He was quite happy to sit and look at the pages of vacuums in the Argos cat yesterday


nutcracker · 26/09/2004 13:46

Agree with GA about cbeebies repeating to often, it drives me mad.


peachypie · 26/09/2004 13:47

absolutley, everytime the pirate ship toy advert on nickjnr comes on its buy me that ma! from ds.
actually its almost every other toy, even the girly things. i think its Dora allday today having real problems turning over!
and i sick of having to be Dora, and ds is swiper i have to say all the "time swiper dont swipe" about 100 times already this morning aaaarrrrhhhh.


ScummyMummy · 26/09/2004 13:58

peachypie. My sons used to make me be Dora and say "Swiper, don't swipe," over and over again too. Drove me batty but I actually kind of miss it now that their idea of top telly has become the dreaded Dick and Dom in da Bungalow. Telling Swiper to stop swiping is definitely preferrable to being forced to sing "Do the pants dance, just like they do in France" while they jump about with their knickers on their heads, I feel. Probably time for a CBBC ban in this house.


TraceyP · 26/09/2004 14:03

Banned in my house too, not because of the adverts for toys but because they started showing those awful NSPCC appeals. I know they're meant to be emotive but to see them when my 3yo was watching was the limit for me.


discoinferno · 26/09/2004 14:10

You know they have been watching too much nickjr when your son tells you he has the privilege. Why they show those ads for cheap loans and insurance I don't know.


aloha · 26/09/2004 14:25

We are a strictly Cbeebies only household. Ds loves to pretend to be all the presenters! I am always been told off for calling him by name when he's really "Milton Wordsworth, mummy' or 'No, I am Josie Jump/Pleecy Plum"

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