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The Worlds Strongest Boy

32 replies

JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 13:24

Anyone see the trailer for this programme - I thinks its coming on this week. When I saw it I thought they'd superimposed a childs head on a mans body!

It looks horrifying! A little lad with the body of a body builder - shouldn't pre-empt the programme but I can't think of any good reason why a child that age would want a body like that! talk about child abuse!

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ScummyMummy · 26/09/2004 13:27

Really vile and sickening, I agree. Poor baby.


donnie · 26/09/2004 15:52

there was a piece about this boy in one of the weekend supplements a few months ago, Guardian I think. He truly looks like a freak and his parents have a lot to answer for.What is the point?


JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 16:03

well I'll be watching - don't how long for though!

OP posts:

KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 16:45

I didn't see this what channel was it? How old is the boy presumibly a teenager, hope so.

Is it a childrens programme?


coppertop · 26/09/2004 16:55

KM - It's a documentary about a boy of 11 (I think) who has been bodybuilding since he was 6yrs old. Apparently it was thought that he couuld only have developed his muscles through the use of steroids and it was suspected that his parents might have been giving him them.


KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 17:37

OMG That is awful how could you do that to your DS.

I suppose money must be involved


JuniperDewdrop · 26/09/2004 17:41

I saw the trailer and don't think I'll be able to bare watching it They should be done for abuse IMO


coppertop · 26/09/2004 17:43

I don't what to give anything away to those who might want to watch it so:


Apparently tests were carried out which showed no traces of steroids in the boy's system. Eventually the father (who was the main one involved with the body-building etc was later jailed for an entirely unrelated offence so left the family home anyway. I think the boy carried on but I'm not 100% sure.



KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 17:44

What channel? When?


KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 17:45

Hope it is not on Childrens TV


JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 17:46

well thats one good thing - but what kind of childhood has he had? how many hours a day would you have to work out for that body! cruelty comes in many forms ...

OP posts:

coppertop · 26/09/2004 17:46

Channel 5 on Monday at 9pm.


JoolsToo · 26/09/2004 17:52

let the debate continue after the programme - I'll expect a few expletives!

OP posts:

KangaMummy · 26/09/2004 18:35

I have just looked it up in radio times and although it is after 9pm it has a family rating symbol.

I thought that meant that it was suitable for children like my DS age 9 to watch after I have videoed it.

I think that he will NOT be seeing it the next day. He will be in bed by 9pm.


Twiglett · 27/09/2004 07:54

message withdrawn


Tortington · 27/09/2004 19:03

same here. my first instincts were child abuse then my husband started comparing it with those lttle girls who do pageants in me thinking


JoolsToo · 27/09/2004 19:08

that's child abuse too isn't - some of those little girls look really miserable - and their mothers get quite stoppy - its quite sickening!

OP posts:

JoolsToo · 27/09/2004 19:09

soz - stroppy!

OP posts:

ScummyMummy · 27/09/2004 19:09

Good comparison on Mr Custardo's part, IMO. I've always thought those pageants were akin to child abuse.


kalex · 27/09/2004 19:23

Absolutley agree with Mr C. The american pageants are child abuse IMO. How can anyone think that it is OK to stick makeup and adult dresses on a little kid to win prizes is beyond me.

The Jon Benet case was awful. and I have no idea who murdered her, but her parents had already murdred her childhood by letting her take part in these Freakshows.



coppertop · 27/09/2004 19:44

I absolutely detest those pageants. I'm so glad they haven't caught on over here. Unless I'm missing something?

I wonder what will be the long-term effects on the physical health of this boy too, as well as the mental abuse factor.


coppertop · 27/09/2004 21:12

I tried to watch it but gave up after the first 10 minutes because I just felt sick.


JuniperDewdrop · 27/09/2004 21:16

It's on now and I'm turning off. Those parents are vile and sick and so are the people who have condoned it Dh has just turned over and we're going to watch a funny dvd instead


moosh · 28/09/2004 13:13

Watched it all yesterday and found it really disturbing as I'm sure many of you did. I couldn't believe his p[arents and when the mum was bending his little sister's leg and she said that she could feel if it hurt her, well she obviously didn't, because at one point she bent it over so far that the little girl said"Ow mummy that hurts" and the mum said "Oh did it hurt?" So much for anticipating when it hurt her children or not!The only positive thing to come out of this is that he now has friends to play with (all be it a little late) and he has had a few months taste of a normal childhood lately (when his dad was put in prison). Good thing too his mum should have been put there too!!


JoolsToo · 28/09/2004 13:16

only in America would they find a child being 'used' like that and instead of rescuing him they applaud it and exploit him - its disgusting! that child is seen as just a commodity.

I have to say though - he did seem quite a well balanced child for all that - but then so did Michael Jackson at that age - who knows what lasting damage has been done!

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