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OMG - Seen The Wiggles !!

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whizzz · 26/09/2004 10:15

Saw The Wiggles live yesterday in Manchester ! They were really good & the place was packed. Only on stage for 30 mins - DS couldn't believe his eyes & asked "How did they get out of the telly ?" The only disappointment was the fact that it wasn't the 'real' Captain Feathersword !!
(yes, I know I should get out more !)

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peachypie · 26/09/2004 10:30

ohh im so mad i missed that ds loves wiggles and i cant get rompom pa chop out of my head most days!!
when are they on again do you know whizzz?


whizzz · 26/09/2004 10:39

They are in Newcastle (Metro Centre) 2pm tomorrow & then Glasgow (St Enochs Centre) 2pm on Tuesday. They work really hard & never stop dancing ! I think they were judging reaction & said they hope to come back next year

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Tessiebear · 26/09/2004 10:43

Oh, i can see how that would be a dissapointment - Captain Feathersword is our favourite character. Was the replacement any good - did he do the same voice?


whizzz · 26/09/2004 10:47

No - he was rather chubby, although he did a good voice. I seemed to over compensate for this by leaping around all over the place (I think in the hope that no one would notice !). DS didn't seem to notice though & we were right at the front. Wags the Dog wasn't quite right either !

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Tessiebear · 26/09/2004 10:48

Was it the same officer Beeples (with the incredibly long, thin bendy legs!)


whizzz · 26/09/2004 10:52

No - Officer Beeples wasn't there - only Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags & Cpt Feathersword + The Wiggles of course.

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popsycal · 28/09/2004 14:41

my mum took ds to see them in newcastle yesterday and he was in awe!!


KateandtheGirls · 28/09/2004 14:55

I'm in awe of you parents who'll take your kids to see the Wiggles! I think it would put me over the edge, they're so annoying.

We did go see Sesame Street live on Saturday, though, and it was really good. The kids loved it, and it lasted for over an hour and a half (there was a 15 minute intermission).


codswallop · 28/09/2004 14:55

I dont get the pirate hting


whizzz · 28/09/2004 19:39

"Captain Feathersword fell asleep on his pirate ship then he woke up on a farm....oh my goodness me"
How can you not find lyrics like that inspiring!!!

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