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should I worry about? MRSA

5 replies

MistressMary · 23/09/2004 19:28

Who watched this?
Blimey not very reassuring is it?
I know it was bad, but the cleanliness or lack of in hospitals is absolutely dire.

OP posts:

moomina · 23/09/2004 21:40

Didn't watch it but just want to get out in the open my girly crush on teeny weeny Richard Hammond who presents it.

(God, I'm so gonna regret posting this....)

Sorry, MM!


MistressMary · 24/09/2004 07:08

So actually you wouldn't mind getting down and dirty with him then?

I actually was amazed and disgusted with the level of dirt and very basic cleaning precedure that wasn't followed.

OP posts:

sobernow · 24/09/2004 07:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Furball · 24/09/2004 21:46

Sat on the next table to him one lunchtime, whilst with DH and Top Gear car mad DS (3) Who kept saying 'Thats Richard Hammond there' He was with wife and children. - and taller than I imagined, being with the 10'6" Jeremy Clarkson.


SprogsAunty · 12/10/2004 21:33

Oooh, he's lovely isn't he?

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