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Premature baby programme

7 replies

PicadillyCircus · 22/09/2004 21:23

I'm watching this at the moment. I think it is getting too sad for me - there was just a baby whose parents wanted him to die in their arms; it was the first time they had held him

OP posts:

Whimsy · 22/09/2004 21:34

Trying hard not to watch it but keep flicking over, it's so sad. My Ds was 6wks prem and have to thank god that he is a healthy little boy.


Hulababy · 22/09/2004 21:35

DH and I had to turn off very very soon after it started. Just too much for me to watch tonight.


yingers74 · 22/09/2004 21:43

am waatching it now and finding it hard going. it is very upsetting and reminds me of a series called born different which followed parents of disabled children. It makes me realise how lucky I am and no matter how difficult some days can be, my baby is healthy and I am always thankful for that. Total respect to the parents on these programmes.


KangaMummy · 22/09/2004 22:11

Having also been there in 1995 DH and I were both upset by the programme but thought it was good in that it may let people understand what it is like to go through that experience.


blossomhill · 22/09/2004 22:14

Cannot believe Hooland do not provide special care for babies born under 25 weeks. My friends little girl was born at 24 weeks and weighed under a pound. She is 3 and a half and doing really well Not the case if she had been born in Hooland though


blossomhill · 22/09/2004 22:15

Holland even


cazzybabs · 22/09/2004 22:45

I watched bits of it, finding it very emotional. I think it is interesting to question keeping children alive when they may unable to ever do anything for themselves. It is a question I have often thought about and hope to god I never find myself in that suitation. Personally, I think everyone has something to offer society....but it was emotive because it was babies. What would have happened if it had been adults in a vegetable state - don't want to start a debate just the thoughts that went through my mind.

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