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moomina · 22/09/2004 21:00

Am I just a horrible person, or was anyone else feeling secretly quite pleased that they didn't get any offers on that house...?

OP posts:

hermykne · 22/09/2004 21:02

thrilled, she didnt get it,
she made a "haims" (slang irish for disaster) of the design, oh my god, fruit cake and what a beautiful building i would love it!


Chinchilla · 22/09/2004 21:06

Golden Rule - DON'T get involved personally in the house. You are not going to live in it. What a fruitloop that girl was. Loved the top two floors though. The downstairs loo was enough to give me a migraine.


moomina · 22/09/2004 21:07

hehehehehe - thanks hermykne, was worried I was just being a bitch, lol

That gorgeous building - no respect for it at all. I actually like lots of the stuff she liked (all the frilly stuff and the tiles, etc) but it was just a travesty in a building like that.

OP posts:

misdee · 22/09/2004 21:13

omg! that building could have been so beuatiful, instead she filled it with loads of very expensive crap which looked cheap. how much was that wallpaper in the living room again? and £1000 on 32 tiles??!!


tamum · 22/09/2004 21:15

No, me too, definitely. I was expecting her to devastated with the estate agents' estimates, but ho no. The ground floor was just so over the top.

Now, Sarah Beeny. Did she give birth at some point during the making of that program? What did she have, anyone know?


moomina · 22/09/2004 21:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tamum · 22/09/2004 21:20

Ha blooming ha.


acnebride · 22/09/2004 21:21

sorry no idea re the teeny beeny

can't believe she had the nerve to say that she was proud of it at the end!!

yeah, i'm afraid I was gloating over the comments of the viewers. schadenfreude (sp?) - not good for my moral character!


moomina · 22/09/2004 21:22

Does that make it a beeny baby?

OP posts:

linnet · 22/09/2004 21:24

The downstairs loo was awful, at least I think it was the downstairs loo. all bright pinky/purple tiles?

And the wallpaper she put in the living room was that what cost £245? I was watching bits and missing bits trying to catch up on housework at the same time. The tiles that were jewelled and cost £1000 were really nice though, the ones in the big bathroom I think. I really should have paid more attention.


sobernow · 22/09/2004 21:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aloha · 22/09/2004 21:32

SO enjoyable. She was like some weird Sarah Miles-ish 60s throwback, complete with lisp, and the house was a horror. I mean, it was a beautiful, beautiful house, but her decor was a nightmare. I felt sorry for the sane sister - not her evil twin though.


tamum · 22/09/2004 21:35

Yes, linnet, it was the flock wallpaper, a snip at £245 a roll. Nice eh? I just couldn't bear the idea that someone would buy it and immediately rip everything out- not because I liked it but because of the utter wastefulness of it all.



moomina · 22/09/2004 21:35

LOL! aaah, I'm glad someone does, sobernow!

OP posts:

katzguk · 22/09/2004 21:43

OMG the house was awful!!!


Demented · 22/09/2004 21:48

I loved this, what a disaster!!!


SilverLining · 22/09/2004 21:56

Totally agree with all comments - I love this programme! and by the way, I'm afraid I'm a sucker for finding about celebrity babies and Sarah Beeney did have a teeny Beeney ..........Billy!

I'm famous for my knowledge of celebrity babes (nothing to be proud of my DH would say .....!)


katzguk · 22/09/2004 21:57

she was joking in the Mirror this weekend that she now had comedy sized boobs!!


moomina · 22/09/2004 22:01

Billy Beeny? Oh, surely not? Poor child.

When I Googled for info on her bub all I came up with was a whole load of sites going on about her breasts... She's got a lot of slightly obsessive fans, it seems.

OP posts:

hermykne · 22/09/2004 22:06

what i cant understand is why these people who sign up for these programmes dont take on board the advice of the presenter, who has loads usually good - like, have they not seen the series and said yes the presenter is right or that was a disaster....
blowing bubbles they must be


Juliehafrancis · 22/09/2004 22:38

What a mess!

I can't believe what she did to to the livingroom and the downstiars bathroom was just horrible!

I quite liked the kitchen, and the bedroom off the roof terrace was nice.

From the outside the property looked amazing!

I think she is absolutely barmy and her sister who controlled the budgeting was mad to get involved and not put her foot down!
I would never spend that much on a bathroom let alone just the tiles! LOL!


clary · 22/09/2004 22:54

OK all of you, I was watching this and then a very good friend called and we had a lovely long chat...but i missed the end!
(wd rather chat to the friend, obviously) but what happened? I saw the finished house (agree it was a bit much, needed sunglasses in that living room) - how much over budget did they go? What was it valued at? And did no-one buy it?

DH says i just like this show cause of schadenfreude as acnebride says and he's right lol


aloha · 22/09/2004 23:05

They spent £260,000 on the renovations - which meant if they sold at £600,000 they would LOSE about £35K. The house was valued at between £550K and £650K. The loony sisters put it on at £750K....and SURPRISE! nobody bought it. House still on the market...


SoupDragon · 23/09/2004 08:03

Hideous!! I only saw the last 10 minutes or so but what on earth were those appalling pink patterened tiles in one of the bathrooms?


fio2 · 23/09/2004 08:41

we pissed ourselves laughing

how on earth did they have that much money in the first place

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