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Classic Corrie!

3 replies

Skate · 22/09/2004 20:11

What a cracker!

'It was just sex!' - Jason had the best script ever for this one!!

And Eastenders won Best Soap this year? Do me a favour.

OP posts:

Skate · 22/09/2004 20:30

Anyone finished watching it yet??!

What d'ya think?

I bet there'll be hardly anyone on here tonight - too many good things on - Corrie, Wedding Singer, Property Ladder, Who Rules the Roost...

And I really should do my ironing...

OP posts:

Tessiebear · 22/09/2004 20:31

Classic wasnt it!


littleweed · 23/09/2004 08:32

perhaps it's just me but I thought the language in it was appalling - do we need bitch/bastard/bloody at 7.30pm? don't these count as swear words anymore? I'll get my crinoline....(but apart from that brilliant).

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