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Holby City

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Twiglett · 21/09/2004 21:00

message withdrawn

OP posts:
dottee · 28/09/2004 22:29

I mean they stole that kiss ... but who knows what the future holds. And what about Carlos's yaught???

agy · 28/09/2004 22:53

But it was only earrings! (very nice earrings though! - wouldn't turn my nose up)

dottee · 28/09/2004 23:24

Oh God - I'm having another blonde day! YACHT!!!!!!

Yeah, I wouldn't refuse those earrings!

SueW · 28/09/2004 23:33

Not Carlos' yacht though: 'I did some work on the owner's wife'. Trish looked very disappointed with the earrings and he didn't mention the L word. I think he's a slimeball.

When's Ballbreaker Beecham going to be had up for harrassment? Isn't using your position to command sexual favours wrong? Is she a bully or genuinely after making the best of her staff?

And what's the story with Will's home life? A few stolen phone conversations early on hinted at something strange there.

Where's Rosie disappeared to?

Will Micky become a doctor? Will Mubbs try it on with her? Did Rosie ever find out about him and La Beecham?

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