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BBC 2 Bank of mum and dad

15 replies

joanneg · 21/09/2004 20:06

good programme on BBC now called bank of mum and dad

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Paula71 · 21/09/2004 20:08

Missed the beginning of the programme but is the daughter simple minded? Really I can't believe a 23-year-old could act so petulantly. If she were my daughter acting like that at that age I would be ashamed of her!

My ds twin toddlers throw less strops than these two twats!


joanneg · 21/09/2004 20:10

I know!! The parents are going to take control now - think that is a good thing!!

the daughter spends a fortune of clothes that her children never wear!

OP posts:

joanneg · 21/09/2004 20:17

£26,000 debt and they dont think that they have a problem at all!

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Paula71 · 21/09/2004 20:20

If my DH had made me a wedding cake I would have been so happy. Out of character for me but that silly b*h needs a slap in the face or, more in character for me, a reality check.

If she spends all day sitting on the couch maybe she should take a part-time job because she obviously isn't into being a SAHM.


pupuce · 21/09/2004 20:27

My gosh...... they are still teenagers.... they haven't grown up have they !!!!!

"I am 23 and I can do what I want".... pleeeeeaaaazze


joanneg · 21/09/2004 20:28

I KNOW!!! The way that she talks to her parents!

OP posts:

pupuce · 21/09/2004 20:29

And her mother feels guilty - no need.... that girl doesn't realise how lucky she is to have such a mother


lou33 · 21/09/2004 21:21

Awful awful girl. I would never in my wildest dreams have spoken to my mum like that!

Can't quite understand how such seemingly nice parents ended up with such a badly behaved, stroppy, petulant, childish daughter though.


coppertop · 21/09/2004 21:25

I had an overwhelming urge to shake her and tell her to grow up. She sulked like a teenager for most of the programme. If someone had just saved me £400 I would be eternally grateful, not moaning about it.

Oh well. At least she seemed to learn her lesson by the end.


yurtgirl · 21/09/2004 21:39

Message withdrawn


lou33 · 21/09/2004 21:40

If you give me 26k yurtgirl I will try my best.


linnet · 21/09/2004 22:43

I missed the beginning but did she really spend £378 on clothes for the children?

I've never spent that much on clothes for my dd's mainly because I don't have that much money to spend.

I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I was in that much debt.


charliecat · 21/09/2004 22:45

I wanted to shake her at the start of the programme but it was nice to see them get it sorted at the end.
Yes her mum and dad seemed nice and goodness me, she was HORRID!!!


JoolsToo · 21/09/2004 22:59

She reminded me of Waynetta Slob!

Charliecat - do you REALLY think they're sorted - it was only one month later AND they've still got two cars!!!


charliecat · 21/09/2004 23:01

Well they were more relaxed so I thought more in control? And hed stopped smoking to compensate the not giving up the car, wish I could do the same myself, and they seemed to be more aware now that things can be done cheaper, but not losing any quality etc, so that will certainly help in the future..

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