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CSI Miami New Series

22 replies

fairydust · 21/09/2004 14:18

OMG i've just watched the 1st episode of the new series of CSI Miami and boy was it good.

I've never cried so much there's a death of a lead charactor - i think it'll be shown later this yr over here.

OP posts:

lydialemon · 21/09/2004 14:27

NO!!!!!! Who???


bran · 21/09/2004 15:19

I hope it's the blonde woman, I find her annoying. (Is she the same woman as the blond in West Wing? because she was hilarious in that)


fairydust · 21/09/2004 15:20

i'l never tell i dont want to spoil things

OP posts:

bran · 21/09/2004 15:46

I get completely distracted from the storyline as I feel the need to yell 'Stand in the shade' at Horatio everytime he's in direct sunlight. You can practically see him sizzle. I think he should move to the night-shift.

Speaking of which, the Las Vegas CSI never go out in daylight, are they vampires?


florenceuk · 21/09/2004 15:59

Ooh I can't stand Horatio! I much much prefer the Las Vegas one - there's something about Grisham....Doesn't stop me from watching both!


fairydust · 21/09/2004 17:34

the CSI NEW YORK starts tomorrow night in the U.S

OP posts:

Yorkiegirl · 21/09/2004 17:50

Message withdrawn


yingers74 · 21/09/2004 20:54

bran, don't know who died but yes she is the same as the blond in west wing, I missed a series so i did wonder where she had gone? I guess better job and more pay!!!!!!

I have only seen a joint miami/las vegas episode, love vegas series although sometimes i find it quite disturbing, and scary.


lydialemon · 21/09/2004 21:04

Gris is lovely

I bet it's Horatio's SIL - now there's extra bit of angst! Either she dies or please please let them get it on. All those meaningful lots are driving me mad!


lydialemon · 21/09/2004 21:05

looks even

sorry, distracted by Sharon Stone lookalike falling out of balcony.


serenequeen · 21/09/2004 21:35

fairydust, where are you??? when i go to the US on business i scan the schedules for CSI and Law & Order... CSI NY - now that's got to be something. my fantasy ep - they crossover with L&O (classic, not one of the spin offs...)

CSI Miami - who dies??? i think the characters are much less well developed in Miami than in Vegas - hope the attentuation doesn't continue with the NY series.

Grissom is an interesting character - my only quibbles... (1) why on earth doesn't he go for sarah, they are v. well suited (2) he has women falling all over him (anyone remember lady heather?) is it because william peterson is one of the exec producers?

ps - anyone else getting a bit tired of the fact that all the characters in the ww sound the same???


fairydust · 22/09/2004 08:51

serenequeen = i'm in derbyshire

OP posts:

serenequeen · 22/09/2004 12:19

oh fd, i got all excited thinking you were in the states - with your encyclopaedic knowledge of new csi! doh!


florenceuk · 22/09/2004 22:33

Shame on me, but I searched the Net to find out who died . CSI Las Vegas new series starts tomorrow!


florenceuk · 23/09/2004 13:56

Even more tantalising info from the Web: a review of Law and Order vs CSI: New York here on Slate


Caribbeanqueen · 23/09/2004 14:16

thanks for that florenceuk. Please tell me who dies. I also hope it's the blonde woman so we don't have to see her practising shooting on every episode in a low cut top so her boobs press together.


florenceuk · 23/09/2004 15:59

You can find out who died here if you are so inclined.....


bran · 23/09/2004 16:04

Are you just a little Carribeanqueen?


Caribbeanqueen · 23/09/2004 20:14

Ooh thanks florenceuk.

bran - maybe just a tad (but not of the whiney voice!)


bran · 23/09/2004 20:53

I know, cq, her voice is the Southern American equivalent of Linda Barker. I just don't understand how I didn't find it annoying in West Wing, perhaps she had a voice coach for that.


yingers74 · 23/09/2004 21:13

bran, i think this is because whenever she was speaking she was in a scene with Rob Lowe and lets face it, he is rather dishy and a welcome distraction from her accent!!!!!!


Avalon · 23/09/2004 21:18

I really like her accent!

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