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The ring...were u scared?

20 replies

Sandi102 · 20/09/2004 20:33

I love horror films, but never really get scared by them, except this one..I couldn't sleep for a week..apparantly the chinese version is scarier..anyone seen it?

OP posts:

emmatmg · 20/09/2004 20:45

absolutley scared me shitless!

If the original is scarier I definatley won't watch.


Dizzylizzy · 20/09/2004 20:48

I LOVED this film, and I am also a fan of horror movies, 2 of the best ones that I have seen since the ring are 'Dreamcatcher' which is based on a Steven King book and also 'Cabin Fever', they were both brilliant.

I must look out for the chinese version, I prefer horrors to soppy films any day.


NomDePlume · 20/09/2004 20:51

I thought it was poo ! Not scary at all and I hate horror films.


cuppy · 20/09/2004 20:54

Im the biggeest scaredy cat ever and I thought it was rubbish. A very naff storyline.


charliecat · 20/09/2004 20:56

I didnt find it scary either, and we watched the chinese version.


Chinchilla · 20/09/2004 21:38

Japanese even!

I found the film left an impression on me, and I wasn't scared with 'The Exorcist'. I couldn't wash my face for a week without looking over my shoulder.


Skate · 20/09/2004 21:40

Is this the one about the video, making copies of it etc??


charliecat · 20/09/2004 21:41

LOL subtitles...


lou33 · 20/09/2004 21:43

The exorcist had me laughing out loud.


lou33 · 20/09/2004 21:44

I loved the Japanese version. Also enjoyed Battle Royale. Bloodfest.


Chinchilla · 20/09/2004 21:45

Dh finds it creepy Lou. I find films on the Devil etc really interesting, and it is zombies that freak me out. I also couldn't watch 'Jeepers Creepers' for some reason, when normally I love horror films.


Goldfish · 20/09/2004 21:53

I watched Jeepers Creepers and I kept singing the song afterwards for ages, couldn't get it out of my mind. I absolutely love horror films, and books. Dh works away and I will sit in on my own in the dark watching the scariest films I can find. Strange woman that I am.


Chinchilla · 20/09/2004 21:55

Being a goldfish, you probably forget the scary bits!


lou33 · 20/09/2004 21:57

Zombies (new style) get me too.

The shuffling along slowly, while you do your shopping, apply your lippy, get your haircut type, don't.

Jeepers creepers got me a bit rattled , which has me abit nonplussed because I like horror too.


Avalon · 20/09/2004 22:00

The japanese original is much scarier. I was really disappointed with the american version. It was shown on tv a few months before the american one came out.


Goldfish · 20/09/2004 22:13

ha ha Chinchilla


littlerach · 21/09/2004 15:45

Scared the crap out of me!!!

The night after we watched it, we had the fan on in our bedroomj, we were asleep and the fan somehow blew the paper lampshade off the light and it landed on me and I nearly wet myself!!! I was convinced the lady had come out the telly and was going to get me!!!!
I also had various dreams where she crawled out and came after me!!

I loved Jeepers Creepers, even though the outcome was a bit naff, same with the sequel.


Titania · 21/09/2004 16:24

i sneakily rang DHs mobile at a point in the film when someone elses rang......he cacked himself!!!!! hehehehehehehehehe Film didnt scare me though


Sandi102 · 21/09/2004 16:35

i kept singing jeeperes creepers too! wasn't impressed with the ending either.
I must watch dreamcatcher, because I've read the book, and i thought it was great!
Can anyone reccommend a really good horror book? By the way I've read all james herbert and Stephen King (my fave author!)

OP posts:

Titania · 21/09/2004 16:38

dean koontz is a good horror author

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