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Little Angels ! BBC 3

10 replies

linniewith2 · 14/09/2004 21:02

Did anyone see the new little angels episode on BBC3........
I am totaly lost for words
Breastfeeding at 4yrs old !
Wetting herself through lazyness !

The dad was no support or help what so ever !!!!! did they let it get so bad.......

OP posts:

joanneg · 14/09/2004 21:07

I know! That is what i thought.

The dad made me cringe when he was hugging the dd after she had smaked her mum! I would kill my dh if he did that!


Hulababy · 14/09/2004 21:08

Missed it as DH is watching a DVD. How did it end? Any improvement?


Skate · 14/09/2004 21:22

Arrghghg - the breastfeeding got me!!

And the dh - he was hopeless!!!

She was clearly a very much wanted daughter, baby of family and very pandered to.


linniewith2 · 14/09/2004 22:10

yes improvements were made.....still asked to breastfeed tho ! the wetting herself thing sorted this was day & night by the use of a star chart and tantrums b/feeding by timeouts.

they loved her to bits but gave in for an easy life!

OP posts:

linniewith2 · 14/09/2004 23:37

Just had a thought.......(no jokes please!)

Imadgine that you were that little girl and when you turned about 16 or 17 your parents showed you that would scar you for life..............
My parents showed me breastfeeding at 4 and wetting myself to about 2 million people in the uk !!!!!!
Thinking about it imadgine the ribbing the older boys will get at school when their mates find out !!!!! or the looks the parents will be getting.
I just hope they paid them well................

OP posts:

alexsmum · 14/09/2004 23:50

she was wearing a school uniform too.Won't she picked on herself at school?? The thing about that programme is that it allows you to feel smug for half an hour in a kind of 'my child is much better behaved than that'kind of way!


linniewith2 · 23/09/2004 17:00

its on agin tonight at 8.30 bbc3

OP posts:

joanneg · 23/09/2004 17:05

linnie - are they new episodes?


Clayhead · 23/09/2004 17:13

There are new episodes on at the moment, Tuesdays and Thursdays


puddinggal · 04/10/2004 19:48

8.30pm tonight, BBC3, Little Angels

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