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Washing machines on Eastenders

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Yorkiegirl · 07/09/2004 22:13

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
bundle · 09/09/2004 13:26

fairyfly, opodopoulous a bit like charlie on charlie's angels, enigmatic driving force behind a group of feisty, driven women (yeah! pauline & dot???)

discoinferno · 09/09/2004 13:35

Thats Winston Papillon. See I even know his name. Sad eh. Jonathon Rosses mother is an extra on EE.

Twinkie · 09/09/2004 14:28

We watch it solely to make disparaging rude remarks about everyone on there - especially Ian Beale who now I come to think of it resembles (slightly though) x2b!!

Best one this week has been about Sam's constant impression of a bulldog and Sharon looking more and more like a spit roasted sow everytime she is in a scene!! (Sorry lady actor like people if you are mumsnetters!!)

Amazing how little Mo's first child came on its due date though - DP is now clearing his calender for 13th November as he really believes that Max will come the day the doctors have said due to EE!!

linniewith2 · 09/09/2004 14:51

Winston had his own story line once they cut his dreadlocks off for charity !!!!! years ago now.

It was in the sun (so must be true lol) that all the female cast members complained about him being a bit of a letchy sex pest...

Papillon · 09/09/2004 14:57

go Winston

i will have to keep a closer eye on the extras from now on!!

ks · 09/09/2004 14:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

linniewith2 · 09/09/2004 14:59

dont sharon & mini den get it back on soon

ks · 09/09/2004 15:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Papillon · 09/09/2004 15:02

sneak previews here

but no extras subplot info

Northerner · 09/09/2004 15:07

mini den is dirty den's long lost son. Apparantly it's gonn acome out that Den is also Ian beales Father. Kathy did the dirty on good old Pete all those years ago.

ks · 09/09/2004 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Papillon · 09/09/2004 15:14

but isn´t Sharon Dens adopted daughter who cannot have kids... is there another Sharon you are all talking about ??

Twinkie · 09/09/2004 15:17

No Michelle had Den's baby - Sharon can't have kids that was one of the problems with her and one of her men I think??

Sharon - adopted by Den and Angie (adopted from Miss Piggy apparently!!)
Baby Den - Den's affair with some woman.
Vicki - Dens baby with Michelle

linniewith2 · 09/09/2004 15:30

sharon slept with phil who married kate who slapt with den & mini den who now sleeps with zoe who den tried it on with........talk about keeping it in the family ! confused I am

linniewith2 · 09/09/2004 15:31

oups slept even !

Twinkie · 09/09/2004 15:41

No Slapt is a brilliant word for a slapper sleeping around!!

suzywong · 09/09/2004 15:45

I am very glad I have been f orced to give up EE (did I ever mention I don't live in UK anymore, I think i may have alluded to it very subltly once or twice)

But can you tell me why did Sharon and Dennis split up after all that public snogging in the pub and are those god awful ferrerararas still hanging around?

linniewith2 · 09/09/2004 15:50

because mini den wanted to have a family meaning dad den viki & sharon.............they r going to get back together tho I'm sure.

yes they are all still here ...............boring

suzywong · 09/09/2004 16:03

it's all a bit nasty isn't it, the Watts and their close to the wind shenanigans.
Although I do tremble at Denis when he gets his goat up and his one lower than the other eyeborw bulges

sweetkitty · 20/09/2004 22:31

why does no one have a job not on the square? no one commutes but they can all afford to live in london

discoinferno · 20/09/2004 22:38

and go up west.

stupidgirl · 20/09/2004 22:51

Don't diss Dennis. I love Dennis - he's the only reason to watch EE at the moment...

linniewith2 · 20/09/2004 23:37

I dont think anyone is dissing mini den I think we all agree he's the best bit!

Hate that new family ! apart from Mickie he's cute.

moosh · 21/09/2004 08:24

Yes I tend to agree that I wouldn't turn down mini Den at all Phowarrrr! Micki's dad is the most annoying character, he looks like he has been pl;ucked out of "Please Sir" if any of you remember that he looks like one of the 70's gang!!! Thought Micki was ugly as soin, but he is beginning to grow on me now! And does the lady who runs Ian's cafe have a solution for everything, if there is a disaster or a problem she has the solution.

anorak · 21/09/2004 08:51

spook is going to the soap awards you know

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