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Son's first holiday abroad with friends.. advice please!

MrKlaw · 12/03/2019 08:53


Son is just coming up to his A-Levels and is planning a trip around Europe with his friends afterwards. This will be a great experience for him, and he (and his friends) are generally sensible people so I'm not too worried about misbehaviour etc. Although he is the only 17 year old, the rest are 18 so not sure if he'll have any issues in bars/restaurants. They're plannign to pay themselves (but it'll be our birthday present to him) - others are paying out of their summer job savings.

Anyway - looking for some general practical tips. They're planning it entirely themselves and already they decided to travel mostly by coach to save about £80. We'd be happy to pay the difference to upgrade to interrail but that'd be unfair on the others. I'm a little worried they risk missing coaches, coaches being in odd locations difficult to find (vs train stations) and they could easily end up missing their AirBnB bookings etc.

Any reassurance on coach travel across Europe? They're mostly staying a few days in each location so that gives them some leeway.

Any other tips - eg protection against losing their bags/money. He doesn't yet have a debit card (he's waiting for student incentives to set one up) but we can either get him a prepaid mastercard or similar, and some euros.

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